HandMade ballroom dance shoes-Production process of ballroom dance shoes

A pair of fit ballroom dance shoes, you need to find a manual ballroom dance shoes production master foot production!

Step 1: measure your feet

A good pair  of ballroom dance shoes, from the basic point of view, must be in line with the feet of those who wear ballroom dance shoes, just as the custom-made suit, to be appropriate! To measure the length, width and height of the feet of the future owners of ballroom dance shoes as accurately as possible is also a work that needs "continuous improvement" for the measurement masters! The accuracy of measurement is very high, because the difference of 0.1 will be tight. The craftsman of dance shoes said that as long as the difference of 0.3, this pair of Cow Leather Handmade ballroom dance shoes can't be worn! Surveyors think that the advantage of hand-made leather shoes is that they fit the feet. The feet of Asians are round, while the feet of Europeans are flat and long! If Asians go directly to buy the European version of the ballroom dance shoes, even if it can be squeezed down, the front foot will be empty a lot!


Step 2: Making shoes models for ballroom dancing shoes

This step is relatively unfamiliar to most people. In fact, it is simply to make a "foot model" to replace our feet to complete the complex process of making ballroom dance shoes.

Similarly, this step also depends on the data measured by the surveyor, so the manufacturing process of hand-made ballroom dancing shoes is linked step by step!

Step 3: Design of ballroom dance shoes

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
At this stage, it's time for customers to give full play to their imagination. According to your preferences, let designers help you design your ballroom dance shoes that you hope to achieve the effect! Designers will first draw a sketch, and then after many modifications until they are satisfied, and then draw a three-dimensional effect directly on the ballroom dance shoe last!

The fourth step: manufacturing ballroom dance leather

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
After designing the ballroom dance shoes, we need to prepare materials, of course, leather is essential! Leather making is the processing of leather materials, which needs to go through the complex process of degreasing, tanning, polishing, coloring, embossing, polishing, and finally make the required color and grain.

Step 5: cut the ballroom dance leather and make the ballroom dance pattern

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
According to the designer's design, the ballroom leather cutting technician transforms it into pattern and uses the pattern to cut the leather. Then it's time to make patterns on the leather of the ballroom dance. After trimming the edges, the shoe maker of the ballroom dance will use a punch to make patterns on the leather. This process should be very careful, no mistakes, otherwise everything will be repeated!

Manufacturing method of Goodyear handmade leather shoes

Step 6: sewing the ballroom dance shoe upper and the ballroom dance shoe lining

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
The sixth step is to sew the newly cut and printed ballroom dance shoe leather with tough waterproof and waxed thread. Here we should pay attention to that the rope can never be broken! After sewing, it is necessary to make the lining for the ballroom dance shoes. Many people think that the reason why the ballroom dance shoes are uncomfortable is that the lining is not well done. The comfortable lining is the key to the quality of the ballroom dance shoes!

The seventh step: equipped with ballroom dance shoe last and ballroom dance shoe upper shaping

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
The next step is to add the middle sole of the ballroom dance shoes to the last of the ballroom dance shoes. This step can make the shape of the ballroom dance shoes more stable!

Step 8: sew the sliver and fill the soles of dancing shoes

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
The leather sliver is sewed along the edge of the sole and the top of the shoe. The purpose is to make the shape of the sole more stable. It is also to choose high-strength waxing rope to ensure the durability of the shoes!

Step 9: sewing the dancing soles and nailing the dancing heels

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
After filling the bottom, you need to add a large sole and nail the heel for the ballroom dance shoes! Match the soles with the ballroom shoes! Several layers of leather heel are nailed on the heel of ballroom dance shoes to form a hollow layer in the middle, so as to slow down the impact force on the heel when walking. The rubber layer is installed at the back of the heel of the ballroom dance shoes, so as to reduce the wear of the heel. Is there wisdom everywhere?

Step 10: final inspection and touch up

Handmade ballroom dance shoes
Finish the above to complete most of the work, but the manual ballroom dance shoes in the final to deal with some details, let the ballroom dance shoes more perfect! Of course, we have to do antique treatment for shoes and polish the soles of ballroom dance shoes to make them more powerful!

In this way, Goodyear craft ballroom dance shoes are ready!


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