Happiness in dance performance

Happiness in dance performance

Where is happiness? Some people say that happiness lies in hard study; some say that happiness lies in the joy of getting a certificate; some say that happiness lies in the unrestrained spring outing And I said, happiness is in the performance of dance.

I study dance, and dance interest classes hold performances every summer and winter. What impresses me most is the jasmine flower performed that summer.

"Students, this semester we are going to perform, the performance is jasmine." Li teacher a positive color said.

"Ha ha, that's great. There's a show. Lucy, it should be fun this time." Carter pushed me with his elbow.

"Well," I nodded, but in my heart, I secretly complained. This time, the teacher will certainly dig hard at our actions and suffer.

Sure enough, not as I expected.

"Lucy, your hand is in front of your stomach. Your stomach is up to the sky at the distance of one fist!" The teacher said sternly. "Also, the fingers have to work hard to feed. I didn't have breakfast in the morning."

"I see." I should be there.

I started to line up, "Lucy, Simmy, Carter, you three tall people are here, Zhang Chi..." The teacher cried out

Began to rehearse, the teacher took a ruler, to my waist a pat: "back stop, show me the neck, do not shrug."

"Come and do it with me." The teacher said, start to do the action, we follow

Finally, after class, I got home by car. It was already 6:00. As soon as I entered the door, I rushed directly to the bed. I was very tired. My waist, legs and hands were sour. Alas. Slowly, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.

Finally, it's time for the performance. We all put on our  dance costumes, painted our makeup and started the performance. Each of us showed a flower like smile. Under the light, many colorful bubbles and smoke rose, and we appeared in the fog, like dancing butterflies.

The applause was very warm. When I got off the dance stage, I gathered with my classmates in the dance class, hugged happily and laughed. The hardships of training paved the way for happiness.

Where is happiness? I said: happiness is in the performance of dance.

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