Happiness that cannot be retained

In this cool space and cheap dance shoes , I played with the straw rope symbolizing happiness on my wrist and cheap tap dance shoes . Suddenly, the straw rope was broken, and the purple beads and ccheap tap shoes slipped from the wrist to the floor one by one. There was no sound and cheap ballroom dance shoes , and they passed by quietly and quietly. I held my hands tightly and tried to retain something and cheap dance shoes and dance shoes. When I opened my palm again, I unexpectedly found that there was only one small bead left, the middle was purple, the circle was white, transparent purple, transparent white. When I looked carefully, the small purple bead was actually very beautiful and dazzling. In the past, did you ever care because you had it? Have you ever seen it with your heart? Maybe, I always think that if I have it, I can't run away, but I haven't thought about it. Suddenly one day, it will leave me. Moreover, I destroyed it myself and killed it myself. In fact, I used to care about you, didn't I? Back to God, looking at the slender wrist, clean, no straw rope and tap dance shoes , as if he had lost the most important thing, as if he had lost everything. I, unexpectedly, pulled out the happiness one by one, tore it layer by layer, layer by layer, and in the end, there was nothing... Nothing

I carefully picked up the small silk strips and cheap tap dance shoes left on the black trousers, slowly threw them into the trash can at my feet, and then smiled at the happiness in the trash can. At the moment, the heart is bitter, sweet and sour, light cloud and light wind. After all, I can't even keep such a little happiness. Since I can't keep it, let it leave naturally. Reluctantly, there is no happiness after all. So, solemnly, happiness came, quietly, happiness went away, did not take away a cloud, leaving only the once brilliant side.

Get up, walk to the window and cheap tap shoes , look at the people in the street downstairs, come and go in a hurry, holding colorful umbrellas and tap shoes . It suddenly occurred to me that today is Tomb Sweeping Day, a very strange festival for me. I never went there again except when I was six years old. At that time, I felt very excited. After waiting year after year, when I was six years old, I could finally go to worship. We need to see the days to worship the mountain and cheap tap shoes and tap shoes. In addition to the days, we also need to see whether the zodiac contradicts each other. Therefore, I can finally go together. It's inevitable that I feel excited at a young age. In those years, how do you know what Qingming is and how do you realize that excitement should not appear. Ah... Looking up at the cloudy sky, I can't help remembering that I once learned Du Mu's poems. "It rains heavily during the Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road want to break their souls. Ask where the restaurant is, and the shepherd boy points to Xinghua village from afar." looking back on those years, I don't really understand the meaning, but I have a strange feeling about this poem. This sentence "pedestrians on the road want to break their souls" makes people feel particularly desolate. It has a kind of desolate beauty. The heart and tap dance shoes is also thin, and there is always a sense of desolation. That feeling, like thinking of him occasionally, makes me feel distressed and worried. However, he can only be regarded as an old friend and cheap tap dancing shoes !

The happiness that cannot be retained is doomed to either forget it or let it drift alone, although it is so unforgettable, although it is scarred in the end, and there is no regret.

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