Happy day - my new dance shoes

Happy day - my new dance shoes


"Mom, when are you free to take me to buy cheap dance shoes?" As soon as I get home from school, I ask my mother about cheap dancing shoes. I have practiced various kinds of dance recently. There are only two pairs of tap dance shoes in my shoe cabinet. It's time to add some dancing shoes. "No time, what more dancing shoes do you buy? What's the use of buying a pair of dance shoes and losing a pair of dance shoes? " My mother said to me angrily. "The dancing shoes in the shoe cabinet were all last year, they were all over the season, and I threw some, and you didn't buy me ballroom dance shoes last year." I resisted. "A pair of my dancing shoes can last for several years, and you? For months, why not wear those dancing shoes, I can wear them. " Mother's face was full of reproach. "If I don't buy it, I won't buy it. I'll buy it myself." I left that sentence and went back to the room and locked myself in the room. "What? I didn't buy new dance shoes last year, and I won't buy them this year. How can I get on stage for a performance?" I complained discontentedly. It is impossible to buy me new dance shoes like mom. I have to save my own money to buy them.

Open the mobile Amazon to see how much the tap dance shoes cost. I have a good idea. The dancing shoes for kicking are more like to wear. There are only two pairs of dancing shoes in the shoe cabinet, and they are still pink. The color is no longer so bright. It is known that they have been wearing for a long time. Dancing shoes are cool to wear, they haven't been on for a long time. I look for my favorite dance shoes carefully. I like a pair of dance shoes. I like it very much. I looked at the price - 39.9 dollars. Oh, my God! I didn't expect it to be that expensive. I thought it was more than 20 pairs! I went down to see if there were any cheap dancing shoes. It seems that most of them are in their thirties and some in their twenties, but I don't like that kind of clothes. Finally, I opened the white dance shoes to see if there was any discount roll. Yes, No. But Black Friday had an event, which sold $27.9 that day and sent a mysterious gift. In my mind, I plan to buy it on Black Friday, which can save a lot of money. There are nine days left in Black Friday. I plan to buy two pairs, one tap dancing shoes, one jazz dance shoes. Hey! come on. It should make more than 50.

When it comes to high top dance shoes, I don't know if the cheap dance boots shoes I bought online a few days ago have arrived. I'll open am to have a look. I'm a little happy. I can go to the stage with new high-tech dancing shoes tomorrow. I went to pick up the goods, and when I got home, I couldn't wait to open it, hehe! As the seller described, you can wear new high dancing shoes tomorrow, Ouye.


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