Happy memory

At the beginning of the sun, the children outside the door consciously assumed the responsibility of making our wake-up bell. Although it was July, there was not a trace of heat in such a beautiful morning. As soon as I went out, I bumped into Qingfeng. There is no noisy traffic, and the wind brings a fresh smell of soil.

Today is the official start of the three trips to the countryside. The sky is high and the clouds are light, and the wind blows the rice waves. We also officially met with this group of lovely children from Xinyou primary school and sang "Dandelion" together. We hope that our three trips to the countryside, like this dandelion, will sow the seeds of love, which will be quietly buried in the young hearts of these flowers and bones of our motherland, waiting for it to take root and sprout, flourish and grow into towering trees.

Time is always walking in a hurry, in a moment of trance, I saw the sun leak through the leaves, leaving bits and pieces of light. There was a child smiling at me under the tree, blinking mischievously. I wanted to play with her in the past. Suddenly, the naughty child disappeared, leaving only my shadow. This is a dream encounter today. Maybe there is a rabbit with a clock, leading Alice to save the wonderful world. It's also like our teaching process, exploring the world we've never been to before, having any door. Every time we open it, it's a different place.

Through the window, I saw the clouds lying lazily in the sky, like a leisurely lamb lying on the grass after eating and drinking. So there was an impulse to herd the sheep, blowing a pastoral song, driving the sheep to walk slowly, and letting the wind bring the song to the distance.

In the countryside, there is no convenient transportation and facilities in the city, but the work is still carried out day by day, and we can't slack off. This is our mission. This feeling is quite similar to that of high school. Compared with the ease of college, it's really hard. But this is not exactly the same. At that time, I was like a top that was constantly whipped by the whip of the college entrance examination, and there was no chance to stop. I live in a sense of insecurity every day, for fear that if I take a nap, I will be overtaken by others halfway, and I have no strength to catch up. However, this close contact with the countryside is more like a short rest for the soul, without external disturbance, only for my own responsibility, which makes me feel happy and willing to bear all the hard work and tiredness for this happiness. Whenever I feel that I don't want to stick to it, I will see that my companions around me have been silently sticking to it, so I also have the strength to go on. This is my joy, and I think it will become an unforgettable memory in the future.

"Life is full of joy", which is the feeling of others, and my thinking is "today, there is joy and memory".

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