Have you all the way and grow up together

Looking back on the three trips to the countryside in Shiqiao village this time, I feel a lot. What the social practice team left us in bloom is not only moving, but also growing. Compared with before, I feel I have grown a lot. Life is generous to us. When we pay a little, we gain a lot and learn a lot about how to behave. These are the indispensable wealth of our life.

I really feel honored to participate in the summer "three trips to the countryside" of Shiqiao village. In just ten days, I still remember every bit of this process. I am responsible for investigating the economic development of villagers' planting. Every time I think of the scene of everyone discussing in the group, I am full of enthusiasm; When I think of everyone's busy figure in each activity, I am full of emotion; When I think of the smiles of my classmates, I also smile. Growth seems to be a moment, but I know that we experience growth through experience. This kind of growth is precious to us and the children of Shiqiao village!

I have gained a lot from the "three trips to the countryside" of Shiqiao Village: first, cherish. What kind of fate makes us go to the countryside together, know so many friends, and pay our hearts for the common goal. Opportunities are rare, only cherish them. Cherish today, cherish life, cherish let me rich! Jay said, cherish everything even if you don't have it! Second, details. "Details determine success or failure!" Any class, research and activity need to be carefully planned and prepared. Without careful consideration, many details will be ignored, resulting in the loss of one, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the work and reduce efficiency. Details are always the existence that we cannot ignore. Third, team awareness. Members from different colleges work together and spread knowledge together. A good team awareness is the prerequisite for the success of all activities. We are a group, and everything should be obeyed. No matter what work we do, everything should be for the sake of the team. Fourth, communication. Everyone will constantly have some new ideas and experiences, maybe happy, maybe sad, often talk with the team members, listen to everyone's voice, understand everyone's feelings, can promote understanding, or share happy feelings with each other. Fifth, take the initiative. Take the initiative to consider the big and small things in the team, and actively put forward their own opinions and questions. These initiatives, although simple, are of great significance, and let me learn more. Sixth, understanding and tolerance. Everyone has different personalities. We can't ask others to do things like ourselves, let alone impose our own wishes and ideas on others. Learn to understand and tolerate others. In fact, from the preparatory activities for going to the countryside to the end of the whole activity, as the lyrics of "no difference" say, but it has been easy all the way, so every time we encounter a problem, we will discuss together to find a solution to the problem. Although we sometimes disagree in the process of negotiation, we can all understand each other. Slowly, we learned to be tolerant, to be considerate, and to think from the standpoint of others.

Of course, while we have achieved a good harvest in this activity, we must also admit that there are still many deficiencies in our work, such as the overall understanding of going to the countryside is not deep enough, due to lack of experience, some preparatory work is still a certain gap with the actual work, and some work details are also considered or not done in place. However, we still believe that activities with gains, experiences, setbacks and lessons are complete practical activities with real significance. As a contemporary college student, it is also a sense of social responsibility to use what we have learned to give back to our society. Step by step, I hope our footprints can spread all over the countryside, so that hope can spread in the countryside.

Through this social practice, I am more convinced that we have experienced the baptism of going to the countryside again. In school, we are not deaf to things outside the window and read only the books of sages. Young people have beautiful youth. When we step out of school and into society, we will still hand in a satisfactory answer. The value of a person is not what he gets, but what he contributes to the society! For Shiqiao village and the children of Shiqiao village, our contribution may not be too great, but we believe that we have left the most beautiful and real footprints!

Believe it, in the near future, you will see more mature yourself, as well as more mature children in Shiqiao village.

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