Have you in my life

Years of dust laden thoughts. Looking back, suddenly, in the depth of life, there was too much moving left. That beautiful smile, like a flower, is as simple and happy as ever, clear your smiling face, and once stranded in the youth.

Living in the same place, sharing the same round of warm sun. Eager to know whether each other is well, but intentionally or unintentionally escape each other's news. At leisure, I like to curl up in a lonely corner, brew a cup of tea, quietly stare at the rising purple smoke, sniff the fragrance in the air, and a wisp of tenderness will sour those memory fragments.

I always like to read romantic stories and shed tears for these beautiful and charming worldly affairs, but I never expect that there is a so-called "pledge of eternal love" in my life. Just used to pick up a piece of leisurely, keep a piece of indifference, pour me ten thousand wisps of tenderness, and dream of a curtain thousands of times. Weaving is always a touch of sadness, a touch of sentimentality.

In the quiet years, when I saw your information, the warmth, the yearning, and the deep affection came with happy past events. It turned out that I was still your treasured yearning. A person is not lonely, just lonely when you want to be alone, then, am I always carrying your loneliness and heart together?

Your life is touched by you. Although love is not necessarily true, life is full in constant experience, tender feelings flow between fingers, and the true feelings are played up in gazing eyes. In the muddled years, I couldn't understand whether it was love or fate. The joy of meeting again made the former passion speechless. Your love is like your first love, but you can only hold hands in the footsteps of dreaming.

The same wish, the same expectation, silently just want to accompany each other, to see the sea together, to linger in the green mountains and waters together. You smile when you want to laugh, and you comfort when you want to cry. Look into your eyes, identify the depth of Acacia, and want to know whether you are like the initial love. The truth can only be interpreted in the moment of staring. Being missed is a kind of happiness, and being missed is also a kind of happiness.

They are keeping their own homes operated over the years. Love and non love have cut off the relationship between family members, but this yearning has penetrated decades of time and is quietly buried in the soft heart. Deep embrace, gentle kiss, suddenly like a dream, once thousands of turns. Meet again, still so kind, still so natural, yesterday did not seem to have stranded in the heart. Keep the promise of marriage, tell yourself that the only wish is to have a bosom friend with you, and you will be touched in your life!

Miss warm embrace, but afraid of being melted by tenderness, want to leave far away, but also for Acacia, really can be free and easy? Rubbing your black hair playfully? In a trance, the wisp of tenderness covered my face again. I shook my head and told myself that I no longer had youth, and your tenderness hesitated my once light pace. For the first time, I stood at the crossroads of life and chewed the ups and downs of this fate. In the world of mortals, has love fallen?

Spring flowers and autumn moon, fog shadows are like gauze. In the poetic world, can you have pure love again? Just for the promise once made, a drop of your tears can water my endless love. Carve love into a contract on the sansheng stone, and I will wait for you to look back and pursue the moment, and still smile like a flower.

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