He and he

 Everyone is unique, and you are no exception. When two different flowers bloom at the same time, you will encounter the most beautiful scenery. Harvest different feelings.


1、 First sight

Spring is a season full of spirit. It exudes youthful vitality everywhere in the campus and cheap ballroom dance shoes .

The same is true of class 2, grade 3. The students are chatting in a hot atmosphere, and the classroom still makes a few light smiles from time to time. Except him. The warm spring breeze kissed his face, and he was unmoved. The sun gently shone on his white cheek, making him look beautiful and quiet. The only deficiency was that there was no one around him.

At this time, the teacher smiled and waited for the class teacher to come in. Then, the students came in and said something quietly. The students looked forward to staring at the teacher and heard the teacher say, "it seems that everyone already knows that there are transfer students today. Come on, let's introduce them." "Hello, my name is Chu'an. From today on, I will study with you. Thank you." Only when we heard a nice voice came, did we see the owner of the voice - he has the same skin as a girl, a frame of eyes on the bridge of his tall nose, wearing a regular school uniform, but he is still calm, and his whole body exudes the smell of "I am a Xueba".

His eyes trembled slightly, slowly opened his sleepy eyes and swept to the podium and cheap dance shoes .

This is their first meeting.

2、 Acquaintance

Today is the beginning of the story. They are made up as deskmates. The teacher said that Chu an was transferred from Beijing, with excellent grades and correct morality. I hope he can correct Qiao Hao's learning behavior, because Qiao Hao is also a Xueba, but his learning is not active. He sleeps in class. Although he knows that he has a high IQ, the teachers are still worried about him.

There was a sudden warmth beside him. He was not used to it. Chu'an saw him open his eyes. It was a kind of all eyes! Indifferent, empty eyes, without any fluctuation. Just with some doubts, he passed away and fell asleep again. Chu'an was a little surprised, but immediately recovered and said, "Hello, my name is Chu'an. I'll help you with your study in the future." "Yes." Joe replied casually.

While waiting for class, Chu an was used to taking out books from his desk to preview. He suddenly thought that he had just transferred. How could there be books? So he took the book to the monitor and read it silently. The content is very simple for him. When waiting for class, he finished reading the whole subject, and Qiao Hao woke up. He stretched lazily into the desk, took out his new textbook, put it on the desk, and continued to sleep in another direction. Chu an glanced faintly and thought: this task is a little heavy.

At the same table in a row, one studies hard and one sleeps leisurely. They don't interfere with each other.

This is their acquaintance.

3、 Recognition

At the end of the day, Chuan found that when he observed Joe several times, he was sleeping, no matter after class. How can such people improve their grades? He wondered. He didn't want to take care of it, and he didn't want to waste his time. Does he have any advantages? He didn't want to think any more. Chu'an looked at his deskmate. He had been sleeping and didn't wake up. He also slept in the noisy class and dance shoes?

Suddenly, Qiao Hao opened his eyes, looked at Chu'an with some doubts and said, "who are you?" Suddenly the whole class calmed down and looked at Joe. The monitor hurriedly ran over and said, "old Joe, come and help, blackboard newspaper." "Yes." When he finished, he got up and walked back. He took a chalk and sketched a few on the blackboard, so it became a magnificent landscape painting. Then he wrote a few words, and the blackboard newspaper had been completed and was particularly excellent. Chuan began to change his definition.

I don't know why Joe stopped there, as if he had asked the monitor a few words. After a while, Qiao Hao came back and said to Chu an, "Chu an, Hello, I'm Qiao Hao." "Hello." Chu an realized that he was asking the monitor my name. He also found that he was not unkind. He was just too lazy to move and think, and put himself in a completely empty look, because he didn't want to manage so much.

Gradually, he found many of his advantages, such as helping when he saw someone in trouble, handing in his homework on time, drawing well, writing well... But only when he was awake!

This is their recognition.

4、 Friend

They are classmates and deskmates. But there is very little communication between them. They... Are just strangers. They don't deliberately say they want to know each other, of course they don't. They are both Xueba, and the brain circuit of Xueba is different from that of ordinary people. They are just one kind of people.

Slowly, Joe became familiar with a man who didn't like words and was warm. Chu'an also became familiar with the deskmate beside him who was confused every day with his IQ. I don't know which day, Joe didn't sleep in class! When the head teacher saw the meeting in class, she smiled with relief. She knew that their two flowers would bloom more vigorously and more beautiful!

Later, they learned that it was called a friend. Their friendship is not over yet, but they know that the person they are used to is called --- friend!

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