he did not know that he was already heartbroken

When the years have passed and everything has disappeared, only the smell floating in the air still lingers on, making the past vivid. I think this is probably my deepest feeling about it. I walked into the story of "There is a place only we know" with great expectation. Seeing the moment when memories started in Prague, I felt relieved of the feelings growing in a small corner of my heart.

This is a beautiful and moving story, which happened in two years of love. However, they finally had two diametrically opposite endings.

Nowak said: Even if two people grow old together, one will go first.

Granny Lanxin and her doctor, in their responsibility and love, let go of each other's understanding and let love exist forever. Nowak said that he thought they would be together forever, but no one knew what would happen in the future. Finally, they just missed each other while waiting. Lanxin waited for many years, but she never got married in her life. It's hard for us to achieve this kind of loyalty to love until death. Lanxin told Nowak to look ahead. She helped Nowak get out of the shadow of losing his wife, but could not get out of the shadow of losing Nowak in her life. She was happy for Nowak to find his wife, but her eyes were red in silence. I think that Lanxin never married, which does not mean that she was unhappy in her life. She gave up her love with Norwalk because she knew that someone needed Norwalk's love more than she did. It was tolerance, fulfillment and understanding that made her mind quiet and raised her niece and granddaughter. This is love. It is the love of the older generation. It is a beautiful love worthy of our consideration and sympathy.

Love didn't happen when the time was chosen. Novak and Lanxin met the right person at the wrong time. Even if their hearts were close to each other, they couldn't resist the estrangement caused by the war. They both left peacefully under the siege of love. In the film, Grandma waited for Novak all her life, and Novak waited for Grandma all her life. Nowak said at the end that I know she has been waiting for me, and now I know where to find her. So in his sleep, he went to heaven to look for his grandmother. I think they must have met in another world. Now they must be very happy

Grandma's story made people cry several times. Finally, Jintian stood in front of the sculpture in Grandma's crystal shawl and met the elderly Nowak. That scene seemed to make him return to his youth. Lanxin wore that shawl and smiled at him. The old people who separated the horizon miss each other, waiting in the place where only they know the love, hoping to meet again one day, even if the possibility is too small.

Jintian said: I believe in love, but I don't believe I will meet.

Jintian, a sincere exchange for a phone call, gave up an asshole and got another piece of sky. In a new relationship, I feel like I have caught the duckweed, and I am definitely intoxicated in the fragrance. Zeyang, who was frivolous and rebellious when he was young, indulged in the beauty of a new relationship, hesitated in the choice of the future, waved freely in the balance of advantages and disadvantages, and reluctantly alienated, but he did not know that he was already heartbroken.

However, I think the love between Jintian and Zeyang is not only the intersection of eyes, but also the resonance after mutual understanding. She and Zeyang are both relatively lonely. She is now alone. Although he has a lovely daughter, his broken family does not give him the warmth he should have. He and she. Two different and similar people understand each other in sweetness and quarrel, read each other's hurt, and then sympathize with each other. In the end, they didn't repeat Grandma's mistakes, because they were more willing to believe that tomorrow would be good, and they could create a better life through everyone's efforts. For others, they said that you just need to love.

Just like that sentence in the movie: love is old, love is new, love is everything, love is you.

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