Home is a warm harbor, which makes the wandering people feel warm; home is a sweet candy, which moistens the injured heart; home is a torch, which illuminates the dark world and leads others to move forward.

My home is small, my father is trying to make money to manage the company, my mother is very virtuous looking at home, my brother is kind and naughty, I often do things carelessly, but I want to study hard, so we build a small family. A family needs harmonious and happy coexistence, less quarrel, more help, that is the real home. Sometimes my father taught me to do difficult problems, and my mother taught me how to be a human being. As time goes by, I am different

My second home is rich and colorful. Different professions and people come together to form a big family - "dance school". In the same dance school, in the same class, in the same class, taught by the same teacher, is everyone's lucky! I am very happy to dance, study and play with my classmates every day. In learning, the teacher taught us all kinds of dance after the students communicate and understand each other. During the break, the students were laughing and laughing. With the passage of time, we will make our own day through our own efforts. I learned all kinds of dances, such as jazz dance, tap dance, tango dance, Cha Cha dance, ballroom dance, ballet dance and so on. In the dance classroom, the dance teacher set up a cheap dance shoes cabinet full of our cheap dance shoes, including cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes, cheap ballet shoes and cheap Ballroom dance shoes, The shoe cabinet is like a wall, and the cheap dancing shoes are the ornaments on the wall! Every time I see such a big shoe cabinet and so many cheap dance shoes, it's a happy thing!




My third home is my hometown, which is beautiful and harmonious. The beautiful street lights in the city give out bright lights in the dark. Pedestrians walk around the street, cars come and go with the sound of honking. With the passage of time, it will be peaceful. Outside the country, green hills surround it. In the countryside, families of all sizes are located under the green hills. Many villagers get up to breathe fresh air. Some aunts and grandmothers wash clothes by the pond. Trees stand by the pond, like Knights guarding their territory. What a unique scene! But with the passage of time, the cities and villages are gradually deserted

My "home", it is very great and majestic, with scientific and technological innovation getting better and better, it is also becoming stronger and stronger, no longer bullied by the enemy. It is beautiful and rich, with many green mountains and clear water, the scenery of heaven and the place of hell. For many years, we have overcome many difficulties to achieve our present achievements. It's our failures and efforts that have made us successful. Let's be proud of our family and our family!

Home is the spring rain, moistening our hearts; home is the starting line, providing us with the direction of progress; home is the breeze, blowing away the dust for us to show our new self; home is a book, giving us the desired knowledge



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