Honey, if time could go back

All along, I don't know how I am, good or bad! Too many people have been hurt, but this is not the result I want!

For friends, I want to say too much. I don't know where to start. From school, I no longer rely on others, but the more I don't rely on others, the more I feel lonely. Even if sometimes I am happy and happy in the eyes of others, only I know when I am really happy. I know that I will not be happy to have fun with my classmates even if I have to eat and drink water together when I leave the playground

Even in familiar places, there are no familiar people. Friends who used to go crazy and make trouble together have their own lives and playmates, but my friend saves your number on the mobile phone, but occasionally dials and occasionally sends text messages. It's still friends who can't talk when they meet on the Internet. Friends are the names they always keep in their hearts and repeat when they are lonely and sad. It's a man I'll never forget! It's my brothers and sisters who used to fight together!

For example, we don't often contact each other today, but each other's names will still appear in each other's lives. You will be proud to tell your current friends and lovers that * *, * *, * * used to be my iron brothers in high school. We skipped classes together, climbed over the walls of the school together, and played together to avoid the eyes of teachers. We used to be together too much, but we all forgot because of the washing of time, Leave it in our green years, but we will never forget that it will always be our most precious memory. Even if we are old, even if we are no longer young and no longer meet, we are still good friends and the one who will not be forgotten in each other's life.

Dear friends, if one day you lose yourself, don't indulge in the life you have now. New goals and friends are waiting for you! And don't forget the friends and brothers who worked together.

This wealth of friends is always in my heart and will always be remembered!

Friends, I miss you!

Dear, if time can go back, let's bear it together! What I am going through may be the most painful, but I will live with a strong smile.

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