Hope time not be old and old friends not be separated

The most important thing is that we can't keep time. Even if we don't give up and are unwilling to do so, it won't help. We can only follow the growth rings of time and suddenly go through a small half of our life. At this time, we have to admit that time is the most affectionate and ruthless. Just as we write words, the time at our fingertips can't be wasted. This second is far away from the next second.

How many times and cheap dance shoes have I written about years, but a senior old man left me a message in the back window, Said: Your writing style is different from that of the present, but your writing style is not the same as that of the present, and your writing style is not the same as that of the present. However, your writing style is not the same as that of the present. Your writing style is not the same as that of the present, and your writing style is not the same as that of the present The year of. "

Well, I follow the old man's advice. I know this is the old man's love and encouragement to me. In fact, I don't think I'm a person and cheap tap dance shoes  who can write. I'm just graffiti to express my mood. But I still sincerely thank and appreciate the old man. At the same time, I will try not to mention the years, but I will occasionally bring a trace of the years in my words to foreshadow the future.

I just hope and am willing to. I will still be in this state of mind after many years, quietly relying on time to write. Writing time is not old; Write about old friends; Write fleeting years without harm; Write years of deep love. Until one day I'm really old and can't write anymore, I'll write the last word in my heart. Your Name!

I always believe that any fine and beautiful friendship exchanged with heart is a firm belief. As I firmly and simply believe, it is a beautiful deep meaning mixed in my eyes, gathered in my blood, rooted in the pure land of my heart and hidden in the depths of my soul. It exists in my life all the time. Like another self engraved in my breath, it is inseparable and ccheap tap shoes .

Because of you, I know more about the abundance of true love. The vast sea of literature, can meet, know, know and love in the pen, this fate is very valuable, so I feel cherish it! Think about how many ups and downs and hardships we have gone through together since we met. We have never cared and never let go of each other's hands and cheap ballroom dance shoes . The happiness and moving we shared together, how can all this be unforgettable? I know you remember and care as much as I do. Because people with the same magnetic field can walk together.

The pace of life is always too hasty. Although we are all trying to catch up, we can't keep up. We will still rub shoulders with the beautiful scenery. In that case, why not stop when you are tired and laugh at the wind and cloud; Observe the landscape quietly; Enjoy the flowers and plants at leisure. Follow your heart; Meet by chance; reconcile oneself to one's situation. No reluctance, no accommodation, no regret. With peace of mind, everything is reflected in nature. Whether it's the wind rolling clouds, the green mountains and clear water, the red flowers, the withered grass, and the green leaves turn yellow, as long as we appreciate them with our heart, the time story on the paper tells a long story

Time and cheap dance shoes is delicate and soft. An old photo, an old song and some yellowing chapters are all fragments worthy of aftertaste. Maybe a lot of things are like fresh water and clear smoke. What can be remembered must be the scenes that cannot be forgotten in the years of life. In my memory, autumn is a season like no one else. The mood and stories of this season are stained with light frost. The beauty that has existed is fixed in the photo album of time and recorded in the long scroll of life by time. Even if a little dust falls, it does not affect us to nostalgia

I have always felt that taking photos and dance shoes, writing and listening to music are very memorable things. Because you know that time doesn't wait, an inch and a thousand miles. When you look back, the minutes and seconds are already as misty as a cloud in the past. Although, the beautiful scenery can be retained in the heart with the memory. But in the end, it's better to hold the real reality in the palm of your hand and feel warm. When the shutter is pressed, when the music is heard, when the text falls on the paper and tap dance shoes , as long as you don't give up, the beauty of that minute and second will condense into eternity in the future.

Time is still walking through the tunnel. The things we have experienced and met and cheap tap dance shoes , as well as the scenery related to these people and things, are recorded one by one in photos, music and words. It is good to like the new, but I am a nostalgic person. Maybe each of us has a nostalgia plot, or maybe nostalgia is a human nature. Because we can't keep the good times in the past, we can only keep the past in the way of memory.

When one day's sunset is dusk and cheap tap shoes. In the corner of time, gently flick the thin dust on the ancient box strip with the folded ten fingers, and carefully start a memory journey of the past. A pair of trembling hands slowly wipe and rub old photos, a pair of slightly deaf ears ring the familiar melody again, and a pair of muddy eyes need the help of reading glasses to read the yellowing chapters again.

At this time, I woke up, oh, I was in such a mood at that time! Then, the grandeur of the corners of the mouth set off the happiness between the eyebrows, and the blurred vision dropped several glittering and translucent flowers. This time, the state of mind was as warm as flowers and opened on the ridge of memory. Low eyebrow smile, graceful old time, in mind. May time not be old, may old friends  and tap shoes not be separated, and you and I are still present.

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