How many bosom friends can you have in your life

In the long road of life, no one can walk alone. So, in the vast sea of people, you find the most important person in your life - a true friend. A true friend is not only a spiritual acquaintance, but also the most precious sincerity in the world. True friends can walk in the rain with umbrellas; We can indulge in some kind of music reverie together; A true friend is one who has sorrow and tears with you, and who has joy and laughs with you

True friends may not always contact, but they will never forget that every time they read it occasionally, they still feel so warm, so kind and so tender. A true friend is one who puts care in his heart and hides his concern in his eyes; A true friend is one who walks through one life after another, and spends one evening after another hand in hand; True friends add joy when they think of them, and more tenderness when they remember them. True friends are like wine, which tastes strong and easy to get drunk; Like flowers, elegant and fragrant; Such as wintersweet, pure and proud. The beauty of a true friend is not in the future; The most real moment is eternity and the moment of knowing each other; The value of a true friend is not because of the years we have gone through together. The most rare thing is that there is no burden of too much commitment and will not be hampered by responsibility. After parting, I will still think of and still remember that you are my friend.

The days with friends are always sunny and bright flowers; Only when I have friends do I find that I have everything. We can lose a lot, but what we can't lose is friends. A friend may not be an eternity. A friend may just be a passer-by in a certain period of your life, but because of this origin and extinction, life becomes more beautiful, and the feelings of a friend are more vivid and precious. What if there is no future? At least, I once walked along the road of friends with you.

Comments: a true friend is not just a matter of words and expressions, but a matter of heart to heart connection. How many friends do you know in a short span of decades, but how many people can really understand your heart and cherish it? If you are lucky enough to have such a sincere friend, cherish it! Don't give up because of some trivial misunderstandings. A true friend is the most precious treasure in your life. Let's not be lonely on the way

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