Husband, let's live together

Husband, let's live together

In the past, I especially enjoyed such a scenery: in the streets and lanes, in the square park, a pair of middle-aged or elderly people, one sitting in a wheelchair, the other gently pushing the wheelchair, they talked and laughed.

Of course, if the younger generation is pushing the wheelchair, the scenery is even more impressive.

Because the wife in the wheelchair is already a patient, and the wife who can walk freely will not easily have rude and impatient behavior. Perhaps when both of them are still healthy, there have been times when you argue with me and the words are hard to hear. I think we all come here like this.

It is said that children and grandchildren have their own blessings. It should be said that children and grandchildren are busy with their lives and depend on each other for their wives.

I thought of my father, who was disabled in his old age. My father worked hard all his life and raised five children with his face to the ground and his back to the sky. However, up to now, none of the children have cared for their father for a day or a week. They are only busy with their own food, clothing, housing and transportation. They have not even given their father a mouthful of water to drink. Raising children to guard against old age has become an empty talk for their father.

Don't complain about them. I'm also an unfilial girl. Because I work in the Dabie Mountains far away, I can't help but feel helpless. I also leave too much guilt for my parents. I always miss my parents more than visit them, which always makes my parents in my hometown look forward to me. Although I will go back to visit them whenever I have a chance. However, he could not stay for his father, who was gradually confused, to accompany him forever. Every parting can only add more turbidity to my father's eyes

As children, we let our elderly parents live alone, and let them spend the few days alone.

Heartbreak, heartache, sometimes think of these, the heart really hurts.

I can only place my hope on my elderly mother, who is at least strong and thinking clearly.

Mother and father had five children in their quarrel. They saved and saved to help us get married. In the quarrel, they went from green silk to each other's white hair. Mother has been complaining about her fate, but she has never been determined to marry her father. To put it bluntly, she always dislikes her father.

My mother said that if it wasn't for our reluctance, I would have divorced my father long ago. I believe my mother is telling the truth. Which mother doesn't love her children?

But my mother was very wrong.

One day one year, my mother cooked two bowls of noodles and said to my father, "Hey, old man, today is my birthday.". Oh, that's longevity noodles today. After eating, my father, who was nearly eighty years old, said to go out and buy a small cake for my mother. My father did such a romantic thing for my mother, which we didn't know. Later, I heard from my sister-in-law. Because my parents lived in my second son's house in the city a few years ago.

In this world, the man who loves his mother most is his father. Mother broke her leg, so my second brother and I could only take care of her for a few days after taking a leave. Before his recovery, his father had been taking care of his mother with his awkward body, talking with her in a low voice, and obeying her mother's command... During this period, my mother spent all her life to care for the elder brother and younger brother who had been raised, but they were not seen! They knew their mother had fallen, but they could turn a blind eye to her?!

Aren't they afraid of retribution for neglecting their parents like this?

I only hope that the parents who have quarreled all their lives can live in harmony and equality in their later years, and it is better for them to go through their lives peacefully. Especially the mother, I dream that the mother can misappropriate some of her love for her children to her father. How wonderful!

Therefore, in every phone call, I always tell my mother that there are many dutiful and unfilial children in the world. I want my mother to know that there are still many mothers who are somewhat disappointed like her in this world, and there are many mothers who are more unfortunate than her in this world.

Every time I was patient, or beat about the bush or told my mother directly that my father was the only person she could help and hold on to forever. Mother, you should wake up today. You've been nagging your father and being tough with him all your life. Have you ever resisted? No, You are not willing to say half a word to your sons in your life. Do they know the thick maternal love? Don't you understand?

The greatest sorrow in the world is not the parting in life and death, but the parents silently bear the children's treachery, cold and heartless, as strangers

My father once said to me, "In this life, your mother has suffered a lot with me and enjoyed little. I don't blame her for complaining." In this world, only fathers understand mothers best. Someone (Zhang Ailing) said that because she understands, she is merciful. Hu Lancheng, a philanderer, is not loyal to my father and my mother.

Fortunately, my mother seemed to change her attitude towards my father. My mother said that although my father was a little confused and could not take care of himself, it was better to talk with her at night than to be dumb alone.

Yes, mother, when night falls, close the door, and only your father lies at your heels, warming your bed.

Your sons are warming your daughter-in-law's bed. Your daughters are warming your son-in-law's bed.

So, I said, live a life. When you get old, you can't expect your children to be around you. You should also expect your old partner. Only your wife can live together.

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