I always think of those photos

I always think of those photos

In the impression, mother will always wash out a stack of thick photos at the end of each year, put them into photo albums and carefully put them in the cabinet. "The picture is about life, it's about the beauty you don't capture," the mother said with a smile. In this way, time flows year by year, album is also piled up higher and higher, memories of childhood are gradually scattered. But, close your eyes, and always think of those photos, those crying photos.

One is that I am dancing, wearing a cheap dance shoes my mother gave me. This is a cheap tap dancing shoes. I put a dancing posture on the dance stage. I just slipped to the scene accidentally when I took photos. It was really a mess!

There are only two people in the picture, my mother and I; I sit on the left, about 45 years old, eyes, nose tip are slightly red, cheeks are also red, wearing a pale yellow cartoon shirt, obviously just cry; The sight shifted to the side around my mother, unlike now, her long black hair was neatly tied up, or the familiar smile hanging on the mouth, loving eyes to look at the lens. The lower left corner, which was not taken, was my childhood crying for my mother to buy my kitchen toys, which was my "treasure". The picture is a little trembling, it must be grandma after the shutter press "masterpiece.".

Even though I didn't remember much at the time, I still remember the story behind this picture.

It seems that it is weekend morning, eat early after dinner, I jump to my kitchen toys happily, prepare for their own food; Grandma is watching TV while she is watching it, and she should be playing with my voice. I play the role of a little adult.

Suddenly, mother rushed down from upstairs, holding her bag in her hand, and said a few words with grandma that I didn't understand at that time, and then she went to Xuanguan to change her shoes. I put down my "pot" and ran to my mother, looked up and down, and found that she had changed her clothes. My mother was ready, and she saw her hand coming across the door handle. This series of quick movements made me panic and made me understand that my mother was going out.

I don't want my mother to go, nor do I know how to keep her mother, so I have to cry so quickly that tears run out of my eyes. My nose seems to be blocked, and my sight becomes blurred. I thought like this, then opened my mouth, cried more sad, tears down the cheek, I first tasted the taste of tears, is salty.

Mother hurriedly turned around, stroking my back, squatting down, and took me to the stairs and sat down; Grandma also immediately took a tissue to wipe my tears away. I cried so loudly that my upper body was shaking uncontrollably. She squeezed out a word for half a day

"I... I... I don't want my mother to go..."

After about three seconds of silence, mother and grandmother laughed.

My mother was not very angry to smooth along my breath, grandma also grinned, picked up the camera aside, mother let me look at a black cylinder. Later I knew that it was a shot, and the click was taking pictures, in order to let me look at the picture and think about it when my mother left.

Later, I heard grandma say that I held my camera all day to see the picture. I didn't even look at the most happy kitchen toys in the day.

I still remember the back of the picture, with four big words that were extremely deep and distorted:

"I love mom."

Every time I saw the young self, the voice of my mind, my eyes would always be filled with tears. Even if the sight became blurred, every part, corner and every detail of the picture was engraved in my mind. These photos have become my childhood memories! There are those in dance shoes, some in dance clothes, some in the cheap ballroom dance shoes and the cheap ballet shoes!

Whenever I am wandering or not, those photos will warm me with her temperature, soothe my panic, and make me braver on the road full of flowers.

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