I am not far from my growth

I am not far from my growth

Growth is a very interesting thing, and it is also a process that life must experience. Growth is not only height, but also psychological maturity.

In junior high school, obviously less time to play, many times I wear cheap dance shoes in practice dance, what cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz dancing  shoes, cheap Latin dancing shoes. Instead, it's more of a person. Stay at home in silence. I used to be idle at all. I went out to play as soon as school was over. But my parents basically don't care about me because they are rarely at home. So I was unhappy when I was a kid. They seldom accompany me at home. But usually not at home even the Mid Autumn Festival of family reunion only one person with me.

I am a very traditional person, from childhood around Grandpa. In the eyes of the older generation. The holidays and reunion days should be put down even if there is something important in your hand. Go home with your family.

It's a sense of happiness for people. But now I can understand them gradually.

Maybe that's growth. Now I'll take care of myself when they're not at home. Try not to worry about them.

Learning can also make people grow up, before I saw people who can ride bicycles will look envious.

So I decided to learn all kinds of dance, wear all kinds of dance shoes, and dance on the stage.

In which summer I was alone by the river, once and again, my cheap tap dancing  shoes, cheap jazz dancing shoes, cheap latin dancing  shoes, I don't know how many pairs have been broken. With some injuries, but if you are afraid of pain, learn something. Kung Fu is not a heart-catching person I practice in the river various dances, and become an excellent dancer!

Maybe it's not far from you.

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