I did something very interesting - I helped my mom wash jazz dance shoes

I did something very interesting - I helped my mom wash jazz dance shoes

This afternoon, after finishing my homework, I picked up the dirty jazz dance shoes my mother had taken off and went to the bathroom to help my mother wash them.

I put some water in the basin first, then I poured the washing liquid into the water, then I put the dirty jazz dance shoes into the basin and rubbed it hard to get all the jazz dance shoes wet. My mother told me, "to wash jazz dance shoes, you should first wash the interior of jazz dance shoes, then wash the laces of jazz dance shoes, and finally wash the upper of jazz dance shoes." I followed my mother's advice and kept scrubbing jazz dance shoes with both hands to see if they were clean. When I finished washing the jazz dance shoes, I picked up the whole pair and had a look. WOW! How clean it is! I washed all the dirt away. So I drained jazz dance shoes and put them in another basin, ready to clean them. I refilled the basin with water, cleaned the jazz dance shoes again and again, and drained the bubbles. I put the drained jazz dance shoes into the washing machine, and after drying, I hung them on the clothes rack on the balcony. My mother nodded to me with a smile and said, "you're great. You're so clean. You can help your mother wash jazz dance shoes. You are a good son of your mother Listening to my mother's words, I feel very happy and proud.

From now on, I will help my mother wash jazz dance shoes and share the housework for her. Because I have grown up!

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