I don't want to say goodbye, but I have no choice but to say goodbye

Under the care of the school leaders and the leadership of the college's guidance teachers, we are shouldering the mission of "three rural practice activities in summer vacation". As early as July 10, our low light social practice team embarked on a new journey, and launched a 10 day supporting education activity in yacao primary school in Mazhang District, Zhanjiang City.

The life of supporting teachers is hard, and the life of teachers in rural areas is unimaginable in cities. The teaching building of yacao primary school is very dilapidated, and the accommodation environment is not satisfactory. We sleep in our clean classroom and make our beds neatly. When you sleep at night, there are always some bugs that keep you awake. But none of this has dampened our passion.

The learning conditions of children in mountain areas are quite different from those in cities. I worked as a tutor in the city for a period of time, and now I teach here. Compared with that, I feel more deeply. Urban children receive a good education from an early age, while children in mountainous areas must work hard to change their family situation through knowledge. The learning conditions here are relatively poor, but it has tempered their spirit of hard work. They have the good qualities of respecting teachers and being polite and modest. What impresses me most is that wherever there are students, there are sweet greetings. The "good teacher" is like a ray of sunshine, which warms the hearts of every teacher. Here, tired and happy.

In the classroom, I was filled with curiosity and thirst for knowledge, which made me eager to teach them all the knowledge I had learned, so that they could roam happily in the ocean of knowledge.

My eyes always inadvertently stay on the wish wall of the classroom, where there are numerous post it notes. Some students hope that their parents will accompany them to the zoo. Perhaps, this is nothing more ordinary for children in most cities, but it is a luxury for students here, because most of the students here are left behind children and their parents work outside for a long time.

The time of teaching support is fleeting, and the end has been quietly approaching us. I have already injected feelings into this place, and I am not willing to give up the students here, or even the grass and trees here. This reminds me of a sentence: I don't want to say goodbye, but I have no choice but to say goodbye. Thank you for providing me with a training platform here. I wish the students here grow up happily and yacao primary school will become better and better.

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