I focus on the rise of dance

I focus on the rise of dance

Every one of us will have a dream, and everyone's dream is different. As I grew older, I established my dream to be an excellent dancer. Dream is such a distant word, it determines our future. We can imagine what the world will be like in the next century.

Dance is growing up with us. There are many different types of dance around us. Every hip-hop dancer knows that hip-hop originated from the streets of the United States, originated in sub Saharan Africa, is the product of jazz dance development to the 1990s. Hip hop makes human beings have a vigorous youth, and it is still a trend of amateur activities until now.

At the same time, there is a kind of dance that fascinates me. Ghost walk originated in the 1980s and was introduced into China in 2008. In the 1980s, it was popular in some underground dance halls in Melbourne, Europe, with its unique dance and strong music. An eye-catching sight. This gradually became popular. Maybe not many people like ghost walk, but in my mind, it has entered my life.

I like ghost step dance, I follow the development of dance, I want to be a professional ghost step dancer. Although my dancing skill is not high now, I always believe that I will succeed if my kung fu is equal to those who want to. I'm looking forward to the coming of the next century. I hope that the ghost walk will spread throughout Asia.

I not only like the ghost walk, but also like the tap dance, jazz dance, ballet dance, all kinds of dances. I have a kind of heartfelt infatuation with dance. Every time I wear tap dance shoes on the stage, I feel that I can get the focus of the whole scene! Dance gave me confidence, but also gave me a different height!

I believe that as long as I stick to my dream of dancing, I will have a wonderful life in the future!

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