I have a dance dream

I have a dance dream

In order to become a dance teacher in the future, I have to study and practice Latin dance in the hot and cold winter. I wear cheap Latin dance shoes every day, listen to beautiful songs and practice dancing.
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Every Saturday, I study Latin dance, tap dance, jazz dance and modern dance for three hours in a row, and then practice and retell the movements for one hour. In any case, you can't let go of your arms and legs, and you have to put your hands on your waist carefully when you step out of the dance.
cloth jazz dancing shoes

In the summer, the sun glares, the body is red rash, to dance class is always so difficult. For Latin dance, for tap dance, for jazz dance and for modern dance, I had to endure.

cheap jazz shoes
In winter, the cold wind is biting, the body is frozen and stiff, and there are few clothes to wear when jumping, alas! Only in this way, for the "dance dream" of becoming a teacher in the future, we need to switch between different cheap Latin dance shoes, cheap tap dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes and cheap modern dance shoes every day. We need to bring many pairs of shoes every day in order to practice different kinds of dance.

cheap fashion shoes
In fact, I also know that the teacher and coach, who is not hard, hard work from childhood? Maybe they suffer more than me. But only in this way can we have an excellent and bright future in the future.

I still remember one time, which was also the longest day for me to practice. I kept jumping and practicing for seven hours! What concept? To what extent? You know what? At that time, out of no intention, I sprained my feet seriously when I was dancing, but I still had to continue my daily dance practice with many cheap dancing shoes like:cheap tap shoes, cheap jazz shoes and cheap modern shoes!
Morden dance shoes

After the jump, both legs and feet feel disabled, unconscious, went to the hospital to apply the medicine. It wasn't until the next day that I regained consciousness, but it was still painful.

I haven't given up since grade one. It seems that it is also worthwhile to win countless awards, gold, silver and bronze medals, and the top ten in the junior group, in order to achieve my dance dream.

Keep going, Rusca. I'm sure you can fulfill your dance dream! But I also want to remind you that in this process, there will be continuous difficulties, so we must work hard, don't be discouraged, don't be afraid, we must persist in the end!

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