I have been looking for, where is the world with you

At this moment, sitting by the window, Xu Xuan kept rubbing her hands. Her mood was both happy and nervous. Looking at the road scene outside the train, she could not help sighing with emotion. Slowly, the things in front of me became more and more blurred. It was tears that wet my eyes.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes tightly, and your thoughts go back to two years ago.

Today, two years ago, she took the train for more than 20 hours and came to her school. To Xuanxuan's surprise, Yu Hao came straight to her, knelt down on one knee, magically took out a handful of roses from behind, and shouted loudly that he wanted Xuanxuan to be his girlfriend. Hsueh Hsueh was stuck in place like a wooden chicken, and her brain was blank. It was the noise of students around that brought her back to reality.

Although I have a good feeling for Yu in my heart, at this critical moment, rendering unexpectedly ran away like a brain pumping. As a result, the later progress of the matter was still told by the sisters in the dormitory. After running away, Yu Hao's face turned red. He knelt in place for more than ten minutes, then threw the red roses into the garbage can and left. After listening to her sister's description, Hsueh Hsueh's heart ached slightly, but she still dared not accept Yu Hao's love, because her parents warned her that it was not allowed to fall in love in college and that she should study hard. Only in this way can she stand out. This is only one of them, and the other is that I find that I have local muscle or limb twitching from time to time, and from time to time, I feel dizzy. At first, I didn't care about it, but after a period of time, I found that I always had this phenomenon, so I checked online and found that I was suffering from a disease called "epilepsy". However, I didn't tell my parents about it, which is the main reason why I didn't dare to fall in love

From that scene two years ago to today, it has been two years.

In the past two years, I have thought a lot about it. Although I am old enough to fall in love, my illness is still a knot in my heart. Although it is not easy to meet a person who likes and likes himself. Therefore, Hsueh Hsueh had the first truant in his life, and it was because of a man, a man he liked.

What makes Hsuan happy is that he can see Yu Hao in a few hours. In the past two years, they have not met, and there is no contact at all; What makes her nervous is, does Yu Hao still like himself, and whether he has been in love with other girls. A series of questions made Xuanxuan feel a little nervous. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. Now that you have made a decision, you should go ahead to the end.

A few hours later, Hsuan finally came to the university where Yu Hao was. The sun has set, the sky is beginning to get dark, and the summer wind is blowing, mixed with a little heat. Standing in this familiar and strange campus, I feel nervous again.

Pick up the phone, press the familiar phone number, and hang up immediately. "After two years, will he still remember me and keep my phone?" At the thought of this, my uneasy mood has intensified. "Are you too impulsive to act rashly?" At this moment, the mood of rendering is like overturning the five flavor miscellaneous bottle, and there are all kinds of flavors. Moreover, she, who had always been decisive, began to hesitate.

"I can't call him!" Xuanxuan put his mobile phone away and went to the boys' dormitory. More than two years ago, when I first went to college, Yu Hao told me about his dormitory and other information. I always kept it in mind, and now it can finally come into use.

In an ordinary boys' dormitory, Yuzheng sits in front of the computer and looks at an article on the Internet called "this 520, love for life". Unconsciously, he has been fascinated. The article tells the story of an old couple and explains the love concept of love for life. After watching it again and again, Yu still felt that he had not seen enough. "Hey, when can I forget her?".

Wisps of moonlight came in through the window and reflected on the floor. Yu Hao turned his head and looked at the moon hanging high in the sky.

It was completely dark. Standing by the window of the sixth floor dormitory, Yu could vaguely see the dense crowd below by the warm street lamp. There are pairs of good friends, and naturally there are also single dogs acting alone.

Suddenly, a familiar and strange petite figure attracted Yu's attention. "Can it be her?" Over the past two years, she has appeared in her dreams countless times.

It's getting closer and closer. That T-shirt we haven't met let Yu decide.

Yes, it must be her!

Unable to restrain his excitement, Yu Hao shouted downstairs, "render render render, render render render!" Three consecutive shouts made Yuxi cry.

Hsuan Hsuan stopped downstairs. At the second sound, she heard Yu calling for her love.

Looking up at the bright moonlight in the sky, I smiled happily.

Because she knew that she had made no mistake this time.

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