I have been to the Loess

I have been to the Loess Plateau for many times and have lived here for a long time. I didn't care before or didn't pay attention at all. The wind here makes people feel dry. In fact, it's windy everywhere. In spring and autumn in Lianyungang, there are often strong winds, surging clouds and surging waves. Under the howling wind and rapidly rolling clouds, the sea is roaring, the waves are surging, and the sky is connected. Especially at the seaside, I smell the salty smell of the sea from the strong wind, and bursts of salty smell invade my nostrils. The huge waves hit the reef, and the huge sound seemed to be roaring. The subtle spray splashed, increased the humidity of the air, floated with the wind, wetted the cheeks, moist and cool. I felt that the elegance of enjoyment was like the pleasure of escaping from death, which was pleasant and exciting.

From the beginning of August last year to today, I once again lived in the area of high loess slope and really enjoyed the four seasons wind on the high loess slope. The wind here is peaceful and pleasant in spring, cool in summer, ripening fruits in autumn and biting cold in winter. The winds of the four seasons are different, but they also have one thing in common, that is, when the wind first rises, it rolls up the yellow sand, and pours on the sky, the field and the pedestrians. Such as passionate first love, crazy kissing pedestrians' cheeks, very uncomfortable, but sometimes feel a little pain.

On the loess high slope without rain, the gust of wind swept over, so I had to narrow my eyes, and my teeth could knock into fine grains of sand. At the end of the day, the dirt in my nostrils increased a little, and a lot of dust was stored in my ears. The root of my hair became a hiding place for loess dust, and the clean collar cloth was covered with dirt. Yes, that's it. The strong wind roars and the loess is diffuse. Looking at the sky from a distance, it's not only misty, but also misty. This is the "style" of the loess high slope and the "style" that makes people fear. Wind and sand can't clean up the mind, but it can clean up people's physical health.

Habit becomes nature. You will get used to this environment and life slowly. Don't treat yourself as very delicate. Nature cannot be violated. It's just a mythical legend. It's good to get used to the bad land against the wind. After living for a long time and getting used to it, a gust of wind and sand is nothing.

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