I haven't woken up from my dream for three years, and my writing is far away

I'm still reading a book of farewell in my previous life. But which family is your reincarnation mask? Without you, without you, without you, who does Fangxin ask to vomit? Without you, who can I tell?

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Infatuated with the quiet of the night, I am used to listening to a sad love song in the lonely night, drinking with the night wind, drinking with the stars and the moon, and chewing the past alone. Love and hate are tangled into threads. No matter how hard I try to interweave them, I can't show your face again. All kinds of things in the world will eventually become hurt. How many people can understand the feeling of looking forward to meeting each other. The bitterness in my heart is flooding into the sea. The vows have been mottled. How many conversations have you ever thought about?

Time is light and time passes quickly. It's my fault that I wrote that story too beautifully, so I gave all of it to make myself believe. It's my fault that I should not pursue your information, should not leave traces in your space, and I am like a crazy person. Do I regret it? The vast sea of people and the purple dust moved me. I poured all my words to pay homage to them. Don't talk about love, hurt yourself, or fall in love with them! People who are affectionate are sentimental. The setting sun is infinitely gentle. They never forget each other when they are apart, leaving only a sigh to comfort them.

Before I met you in this life, I thought I would never cry again and leave my feelings in the beautiful words. As time goes by, I lock the time, counting the rings one after another, and still can't close my thoughts on you. I drink alone and watch the flowers bloom and fall year after year! If I pick up my pen one day and just want to draw a piece of Acacia for you, the sentimentality has always been mercilessly mistaken since ancient times. What makes the four seasons no longer distinct after years of time? This past has become a stranger, looking at each other from afar.

I always want to chase something, but I still stay where I am. Poems and books as a companion, dancing with words and writing with ink, may be the way of this life. Look at the moon through the window, and lift up boundless worries. It is wrong to pick up and write. You are full of sadness. The world is vast. How many ups and downs, and the sea of pain is endless. Can you still reach the shore?

In terms of time, I lost miserably! Walking on a street in a city, I still can't help but think of some pictures in my mind. I always feel that I have been waiting for someone with the memory of a previous life. As for how long to wait, it is no longer important. I always feel that there is someone worth waiting for. I have been looking for me, so I am so silly, ordinary and happy!

A deep dream suddenly returns to my hometown. It seems like a world away. In the fleeting years, I thought I was the gentle woman. With the keepsake of a previous life, I have been looking for the person I am looking for with the outline in my memory in the vast sea of people. But his reincarnation mask, in which corner of the city, I carried my luggage, and wasted time in this way. When I finished writing, I knew that I had reached the end of the world!

The prosperity fades away, and the past is like smoke. Close your eyes, and the beautiful picture seems to be right in front of you. The pale face in the flying petals is full of vicissitudes of life. Your life is just around the corner. Don't ask how sad you are. In the sound of the zither, I once saw the old face, stirred my heart, and watched you walk away, leaving only an incomplete picture. When the Manzhu Shahua is in full bloom, can I become a butterfly, just to see you by the stone bridge you passed.

The memory is in full bloom. In that life, you were brilliant for the scholar, and I was a dancer. When I met in the south of the Yangtze River, I would rather give up three thousand prosperous people, accompany you to the world, add fragrance to tea, drink to the moon, dance with beautiful clothes, and a big fire separated heaven and man forever. All your tenderness in the fire has become a heart eroding pain, and it is difficult to stay together. The face of the world is a red world disaster, and we are doomed.

I will see you back by the bridge and promise to hold the hand of my son in the next life and grow old with him. I would like to be an ordinary woman, not causing dust, just waiting for you quietly. In that life, I waited so hard that I could not find you. I went to the corners of the world to find you. I did not see you. I stepped into Buddhism with a green lantern as my companion, not to cultivate the afterlife, but to meet you again in the next life!

How can we meet again by the bridge? The past can't be mentioned again. When we meet for the third life, we must not miss it again. We just need to find those sad eyes in the vast sea of people and hold hands with each other. In this life, I have been looking for you since I was born. In the world of mortals, I saw your sad eyes and burst into tears. Finally I found you. But you lost your memory and no longer remember me. That day, when I looked at your back, my heart was broken. I met and didn't know each other. Maybe you only remembered the beautiful woman.

Leave the ancient city that has been waiting for a long time quietly, pass through the ancient city gate, and the flowers in the city have been scattered. Looking back, look at the city where you live. If you have arrived for the third time, will you come again.

Things are changeable. I came to a strange city and locked myself in my room quietly. I didn't want to see anyone, but at some moment, my tears fell down my palm and I saw the cinnabar mole on my palm. Do you know that a person who loves you silently has no time to say I love you, but has given you all his love, and would rather endure the loneliness of this life!

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