I help my mom do housework - wash ballroom dance shoes

I help my mom do housework - wash ballroom dance shoes

In the evening, after dinner, I see my mother is exhausted, and I have to wash a lot of ballroom dance shoes that I dance through in the afternoon. Dirty ballroom dance shoes, I thought quietly: I'm a student in grade 4 of primary school. I should help my mother do something. Now I have the job of cleaning ballroom dance shoes. Hee, I'm going to seize the opportunity to show my skills! So I confidently went to my mother and said to her, "Mom, I think you are very tired. You'd better have a rest. Today's ballroom dance shoes are wrapped on me!" My mother looked at me suspiciously and said, "are you ok?" I patted my shoulder and said, "OK, if I can't do this little thing, what can I do in the future?" Mother said with a smile, "well, I'll have a rest."

I went to the yard, put the ballroom dance shoes on the pool of the yard, and removed the shoelaces of the ballroom dance shoes. Pick up the rag and clean the ballroom dance shoes. OK, the real mission begins! I'm in the yard. When I come to the pool, I turn on the tap and wet the ballroom dance shoes. Then I drip a drop of washing liquid on the ballroom dance shoes. I wipe and rub it with my clean little hand. Then I wash the ballroom dance shoes. OK! Ballroom dance shoes is finished. The more I wash, the more energetic I am. I'm still singing! I also dripped the detergent, rubbed the ballroom dance shoes and washed them clean. It's so funny. My ballroom dance shoes can not only sing, but also shoelaces. There's also an ensemble. Finally, when I wash the chopsticks, I still drip the washing liquid, and use my hands to roll back and forth carefully from top to bottom, from bottom to top, from left to right, from right to left. Ah! It's finished. I've washed all these ballroom dance shoes, and they're still shining in the light! After drying, I put these ballroom dance shoes on the balcony to dry. I feel sweet.

At this time, mother came, she saw all this, kind face showed satisfaction and bright smile.

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