I help my mother wash ballroom dance shoes

I help my mother wash ballroom dance shoes

My Mother is a Dancer,She Love dance Ballroom dance,Every night, I hear the sound of running water in the bathroom. It's actually the sound of my mother washing clothes and ballroom dance shoes. The sound is not only like the sound of running water in the waterfall, but also like the joyful sound of fish jumping in the stream.

Yesterday, I saw my mother washing ballroom dance shoes again, so I went to help and said, "Mom, let me help you wash ballroom dance shoes." Mom said, "good! There is also a pair of ballroom dance shoes. Go and wash those ballroom dance shoes. " As soon as my mother's voice fell, I picked up the basin and filled it with water. Then I soaked ballroom dance shoes in the water. Then I picked up ballroom dance shoes and took a look at the dirty places. I put on the soap and thought of my mother washing ballroom dance The appearance of shoes, brush and brush with a brush, and then see if it is clean. If it is clean, wash the soap foam on ballroom dance shoes with clean water.

I finally cleaned ballroom dance shoes, but I was tired after standing for a long time. Looking at the results of their own work, tired is also worth it. Mom came to see me clean ballroom dance shoes, and praised me for doing a good job. I'm happy to hear that.

I'm so tired of washing ballroom dance shoes! I will help my mother do more housework and share with her.

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