I help my mother wash the tap shoes

I help my mother wash the tap shoes

We should not only treat our mother with gratitude, but also share some housework as we can for our parents.

On Mother's day, the sun was shining hot and hot on the earth. I was at home enjoying the cool air conditioning and watching TV. At noon, I saw my mother changing the tap shoes from practicing tap dancing. The tap dance shoes were covered with dust. It was so terrible that I decided to help my mother wash the tap dancing shoes.

I took my mother's dirty tap shoes to the bathroom, turned on the tap, and first washed the dust out of the tap shoes. It's so dirty to wash the trampoling shoes. But what do I think of my mother's hard work in tap dancing. I took a brush and gently wiped the mud off the bottom of the tap dance shoes. Then carefully rub soap on the tap upper, brush back and forth with a brush, and then brush the inside of the tap dance shoe in the same way. In a moment, the whole pair of the kicking shoes were covered with soap bubbles, and I washed away the dirty things. Finally, I took the tap dance shoes to wash the tap, and my mother's dirty tap shoes became clean under my careful cleaning.

Looking at the tap dancing shoes of my mother who was washed by myself, I was happy to open flowers. I am determined to be a real man who is filial to my parents and to share the housework for my parents more actively in the future.

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