I know my father's mind best

Recently, I always feel that my father is playing tricks to express his missing for us. Last week, because he was busy and didn't go home, his father called one after another and said, "come back when you are free. The pears and peaches in front of and behind the house, the melons and watermelons in the field are ripe. You can't eat them until you come.". So before the weekend, when I was free, I drove back to my hometown alone. As soon as I got home, my father took me to see the melon he had just picked from the field and said, "it's very sweet. Peel and eat one quickly". Before I could react, my father took me to the back of the house and turned around. I haven't seen it for half a month. The peaches and cheap dance shoes all over the tree have turned red; The pears became bigger and bigger, pressing the branches lower; There are jujube trees on the edge, which can really be described as "fruitful". There is a vegetable field planted by my father next to the fruit tree, including pepper, eggplant, long beans, corn and virgin fruit.

In the face of the current situation, I couldn't help but marvel and feel sad. To tell the truth, after my mother died, I often came back for fear that my father would feel lonely and lonely. Sometimes I took my whole family to see my father. At this time, he is always as happy as a child. But because of my busy work and household chores, I always come and go in a hurry. I really seldom notice my father's busy. In fact, because of the blow of his mother's death, my father has always been depressed. My sister and I have advised him thousands of times that we should eat and drink well in the future, put our body first, and don't worry about anything else. At first, my father promised, but after a long time, he slowly began to do farm work behind our backs. I was a little angry at first, but I was relieved after all, because I knew my father best. He worked hard all his life. Even though he was very old, he never stayed idle since my mother left. Father looks very strong. But behind my back, I could see that he was lonely and pitiful. The best way is to go to the vegetable garden and serve some of his vegetables. It seems that only in this way can he. Relieve the pain of missing your wife in your heart. If you want to grow vegetables, you will be busy all year round. From pepper, eggplant and beans in spring to balsam pear, winter melon and sweet potato in summer, from radish, coriander and South bean in autumn to garlic, Chinese onion and Chinese cabbage in winter, as well as celery, green beans and water spinach that can cross seasons, one after another, they always alternate in ploughing, sowing, weeding, watering and harvesting, and spend their busy lives and cheap tap dance shoes.

People's spirit needs to be attached. I don't know how to spend a person's life in the future if I don't let my father be busy? I always thought we were thinking of our father. Later, I learned that my father did all this for us.

Listening to the neighbors, my father often laments that he is old and his health is not good, because his mother was ill in bed for many years before his death. His children have paid too much money and energy, but he was also ill and hospitalized. My father knew that we worked hard, had two children at home, had large expenses, and still had housing loans and car loans and cheap tap dancing shoes. He didn't want us to bear a lot of pressure and burden, so he always wanted to make up for it, but he was helpless because he was old and had more heart than strength. So I think about it. The only thing I can do is to give what I can. When he heard that vegetables are expensive in the city, he planted vegetables. Watermelon is essential in summer. He planted watermelon. More than that, as long as he can plant others, he will spare no effort. I don't know who told my father that the fruits and vegetables I planted were not only delicious, but also safe to eat. They were all green food and didn't have to worry about pesticide residues.

Although I can't bear it, I can only accept it gladly. Every time I came home, my father always insisted on taking me to the field. I picked and sorted the same vegetables and fruits, took photos and sent a circle of friends. When I returned home to the city, I always filled the trunk of the car with bags of vegetables and cheap dance shoes, melons and fruits. These photos attracted a lot of envious comments for a time. However, among the many comments, I was touched by one comment, and my eyes filled with tears in an instant. That's a person in the same situation as me. Maybe the common experience can make people feel more sympathetic. She said, "it's a blessing to eat and take."

Yes, this is a blessing, a great blessing, because with my father, no matter the wind and rain in life, it is like a sunny day in my heart; My father's pay and love for me are worth looking up to and returning all my life. In my heart, my father's figure has a height that no one can surpass. Also because my father did his best to love me, my heart is steady and happy. Time flies, many things can't last forever, but I will always pray for my father's health.

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