I like

I like

I like dancing. Every morning I get up and practice dancing, ballet dance, jazz dance, national standard dance, folk dance, tap dance and so on. I will dance in all kinds of occasions, put on beautiful shoes and dance beautiful dance. Put on your ballet dance shoes and show your graceful posture on the ballet dance stage! Put on your jazz dance shoes and show your talents on the stage! Put on the tap dance shoes, knock out the beautiful melody! Every time I dance, I try my best to show the charm of dance!

I like to eat, and it's better to eat all the delicious food in the world; I like to play, and it's better to go to the most wonderful playground in the world; I like freedom, and it's better to go all over the world; I like winter, and it's better to snow; I like sports, especially swimming; I like sleeping, and it's better to wake up naturally; I like all the beautiful things, and it's better to mix them up Some little romance.

I like to eat. I'd better eat all the delicious food in the world. Why do you eat fat? Because if you eat fat, you won't feel cold.

Even in the cold winter, without the company and care of friends, fat I will not freeze to death. Wherever I go, my chubby body will follow me. It's not cumbersome at all.

Chubby, how close! I like to eat honey and sweets like Winnie bear. Sweet honey, even if life is no longer bitter, I am no longer afraid.

I like to play. I'd better go to the best playground in the world. Why are you so playful? Because playing is my "profession" ~ hee hee, I love playing, especially those games with high difficulty and challenge. Only in that way can I understand the true truth of "love to fight will win".

Children in the playground are the most lovely, innocent and pure. Because only when they play, their smile will be so brilliant and innocent.

I like freedom. I'd better do whatever I want. No one is in charge. I'll travel all over the world. Why travel all over the world? Isn't home good? No, it's not that the family is bad. It's just that I've been "banned" for a long time and I'm tired of the family's life.

Isn't there a saying that birds who have been confined for too long will gradually forget how to fly? But I don't want to be a cage bird, I just want to be a bird in the air. The feeling of flying is the best. I don't want to forget the happiness of flying.

I like winter. I'd better have a little more snow. Why do you like winter? Don't you think it's too cold? No, winter with snowflakes is warm and romantic. Snowflakes are the messengers of winter. They are the daughters of winter.

The girls dance with the wind and the snow falls. It's beautiful

I like sports, especially swimming. Why do you like sports? Not tired? No, not tired, because exercise can make me relax. It is often said that "life lies in movement." I firmly agree with that. I like water by nature. My mind is the clearest in water. I know what my task is, what I want to do and whether I should do it or not

In the water, I am like a small fish, swimming in the vast and mysterious ocean. In the water, I am happy.

I like to sleep. I'd better sleep until I wake up. Why do you like sleeping? Because in my sleep, my Jingshen is the most relaxed. The whole day's Jingshen is in a tense state, and only when I go to sleep can my tense spirit be relaxed.

Isn't it true that all sleeping children are angels? I like angels and want to be angels, so I like to sleep until dawn and be an angel.

I like all the good things. I just want to be happy.

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