I like her the most

I like her the most

She is a good friend of my dance class. I met her at the beginning when she gave everyone a pair of cheap dance shoes at the beginning of her dance class. Of course, I also had my shoes. I gave her a dance costume! We often practice dancing together, every time I like to put on the cheap dance shoes she gave me and dance with her!

Once we had PE class, "is that rubbish?" One of my best friends, she asked, staring at the drink bottle on the green lawn of the playground. She has the habit of not wearing glasses in PE class.

"Well, empty bottles." I answered. She immediately frowned and ran over. What? What's she doing? She picked up the rubbish. you 're right! She picked up the garbage! And then they threw it in the garbage can. I'm shocked! She ran back to us, clapping her hands. This is the first time I saw her picking up garbage.

I never thought there would be such a person around me. When it comes to environmental protection, you can always hear a textbook like answer: don't litter. It's just not littering. Even littering is common. Whenever I throw my rubbish into the dustbin, I always feel proud: Alas, how can I be so environmentally friendly. Now I think of it, I can't help but feel ashamed.

It is her difference from ordinary people that has gradually won my appreciation.

I remember that one day, the fourth class in the morning finally ended. Our four good friends chatted and walked to the west gate of the school. Passing by the canteen, we were attracted by two boys who were playing and laughing. They were quarreling. One of them, a little shorter boy, accidentally knocked over the long string which he had just bought from the canteen and half eaten“ Ouch The tall boy stretched his neck and went after the short boy. They gave the poor spicy fried string lying on the ground and the oil proof paper bag on the string no extra look. This will make us a few unhappy“ Littering She exclaimed, looking back at us with a smile, and then ran away to pursue the two "culprits.". Holding the tall boy, she said, "classmate, don't litter."“ Go and pick it up with us Under the fierce attack of each of us, the two boys were more and more embarrassed. They picked up the garbage and started to run away. All of a sudden, the sense of achievement is full in our hearts. We talk and laugh to Simon.

Since then, when we talk about her, we always have the same reaction: picking up garbage and dancing! Although it is said with a smile, there is no irony in the tone, but full of appreciation. Appreciate her insistence on environmental protection and her graceful dancing in cheap tap dancing shoes!

Maybe after staying with her for a long time, we all have a good habit of picking up garbage and insisting on dancing. Walking on the road to see eye-catching garbage, always can't restrain the impulse to pick up, also can't restrain the thought of her. I never litter again. When we stop, we all come to a dance from time to time. We often wear cheap tap shoes to have fun dancing!

Once I went out skating, I saw a garbage on the ice, so I reached out and picked it up. She stood beside me, supported me, and said definitely, "nice!" My previous shyness suddenly disappeared, and I couldn't help but be pleased with my right decision.

The longer I get along with her, the more I am fascinated by her and like her.

I appreciate her from the bottom of my heart, who is willing to bend over to pick up garbage and dance happily. Put on cheap dance shoes and dance with her!!!!

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