I love dance, I love dance shoes

I love dance, I love dance shoes

The reason why people make all kinds of dance shoes is not only because they are well dressed, but also because they can protect their feet.

Let's think about it. If there are no dancing shoes in the world, don't we have to dance barefoot every day and step on the glass or nails on the stage

I have a lot of ordinary and easy-to-wear dance shoes, including tap dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes, ballets dance shoes,Jazz dance shoes。 It's made of plastic, leather, PU and cloth. There are many petal shaped holes on the vamp,Every six holes form a flower, the sole has many small crowns. What are these patterns for? Actually, it's for skid resistance! And those shoe sizes are just how big they are. My dance shoes are 35 yards, about a little bigger than my slap.

This pair of shoes can not only sing, but also have a good temper. When it is gentle, the shoes make a "rustle" sound, as if the sand is flowing When it's angry and fickle, the shoes make a "bang bang" sound, as if the sky is going to fall and the ground is going to crack; when it's in harmony with the sound When the rhythm of music is stepped on, the shoes make a "Ta TA Ta" sound. It's someone dancing.

I have a little story with dance shoes! I remember once, on my way back from school, the front of my dancing shoes suddenly broke, which made me not do it I can't walk. I thought to myself, "what can I do? This is my new dance shoes. How come the quality is so poor! " But there's no way I had to jump home. Along the way, I jumped and scolded it: "do you mean to let me jump home?" Although I've been walking all the way Straight in scolding it, but it did not complain. When I got home, I asked my mother to repair it, and I went on wearing it to dance.

Dance shoes are our most loyal partners and inseparable friends. It accompanied me to tap dance, jazz dance, dance on the peak,In the river to jump me, in my dance career made great contributions, but always unknown. That's why I like it and appreciate it Place.

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