I love dancing

I love dancing

Dance is a free beauty, a broad beauty. Exaggerated actions and expressions, can let me swing incisively and vividly. I'm a girl who loves dancing.

Dancing is hard and beautiful. Every time a drop of sweat flows down, I feel too much through them Talking about dance, I think of my own experience in learning dance.

At the beginning, the movements taught by the teacher were simple and easy to learn. I felt it was easy to learn dance. Slowly, we learn movements with a certain degree of difficulty, such as handstand, low back I can't do a movement well after practicing many times, and I also suffer from backache, which greatly weakens my confidence and makes me feel that practicing martial arts is tearing my body. That kind of pain will make me cry, and that kind of pain is so unforgettable. The teacher seemed to see my mind, then encouraged me to say: "don't worry, don't worry, learn dance slowly, the teacher believes you will learn it well!" Under the guidance and encouragement of the teacher, I regained my confidence. No matter how painful and painful I was in the process of practicing, I would redouble my efforts according to the method taught by the teacher. In this way, under the teacher's patient guidance, I jumped better and better, and made great progress.

Dance not only let me learn to appreciate beauty and express beauty, but also made me strong and have the courage to overcome difficulties. When others look at me with approval, they say that the little girl is so beautiful when she walks! In the heart cannot say happy.

Dance makes my body no longer rigid. It's dance that makes me get so much praise. Out of love for dance, and in order to make myself more temperament, I still dance my own dance. I love dancing, so I will dance forever.

In the long process of dance school, I learned tap dance, jazz dance, ballet dance, modern dance, folk dance,ballroom dance. Since then, I fell in love with dance, love dance as life!

Next life, I will live in the world of dance

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