I love you, man Tianxing social practice team

On July 13, the sun was bright and the clouds were floating. The 10-day three trips to the countryside ended.

One town, one school - Lotus No. 1 middle school, here, I have got to know and get along better with my classmates, known many different people and things, really touched the gap between reality and ideal for the first time, and really learned to grow.

As a deputy team in contact with the school leaders in the early stage, my deepest experience is that the leaders of lotus No. 1 middle school are very enthusiastic and talkative. They have no leadership airs and try their best to provide us with the best and what can be provided. The dormitory is powered on 24 hours a day, the canteen is the teacher's canteen, the dining room has a fan, and the office of the propaganda group is the teaching office... Compared with other teams, the conditions are already very good, but compared with the student apartments of their own schools, they are much different. Some people feel good in their hearts, while others feel bad.

Here, I got to know a lot of honest, lovely, innocent, lively and cheerful "little monkey". I was particularly impressed by a sixth grade boy named Deng Siwei, who is very funny but obedient, likes to laugh, eats a lot of food, is small, likes to play table tennis, and has a very happy time with him.

Here, all the teaching methods that you think are good before will be hit hard by reality when they are applied to practice. In a large class, everyone's reception ability is different. I deeply realized this when I gave a lecture. Some students have a strong reception ability and can understand it once, but some are still in a state of ignorance and can not find a direction. According to this, the direction and speed of the lecture must be adjusted. This is quite different from what I thought at the beginning that teaching was very easy, and the students must be able to understand it once. This experience of supporting teachers has made me gain a lot.

All the feasts come to an end. Finally, I have to say goodbye. But in this short ten days, I fell in love with lotus No. 1 middle school.

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