I met you in a spring rain

A previous life? This world? I met you in a spring rain. The bead curtain hangs low, like stretching out countless slender jade hands, writing the secrets in the sky and cheap dance shoes, and sacred dance steps come one after another. On the streets, Qi sang Tang and Song poems. The old scenery of deja vu is full of peach blossom waves, with charming colors and smiling spring breeze. Alleys, alleys in the heart and cheap tap dance shoes . How many years have you gone through, how many stars have you shaken down, and how many poor men stand in the bow of the ship and sigh through the ages! In March, the rain is cool. Feitian Leji skimmed over the wasteland and the ancient city wall. His eyes touched the alleys with an immortal spirit. Soft season, soft alley, precipitate too many prosperous chapters. Every time you linger and listen, the sound is like a Yao Qin. Beads fall on the jade plate, endless stories, endless songs from the previous dynasty.


The smell of dampness and simplicity. Inside the courtyard wall, talented people and beautiful women listen to the rain and write poems and ccheap tap shoes , floating out the legend of rain bells, and stretching out the sadness of hairpins and Phoenix. In the ancient house from the palace, the boudoir is as deep as the sea. Where do you send the sadness of spring? Silk like thread, silk into the string, the residual temperature of Shangyuan lamp is not exhausted. Morning and evening, let the drizzle whisper, whisper that with the indelible spring thing. This tile, this brick wall and cheap ballroom dance shoes , clearly jump groups of red rain and green clouds that stir up personnel. In the summer night, imagine the moving scene of colorful clouds chasing the moon. Poem like, song like rain, open the thread bound book, whether you are still lingering in the ancient lane.


Outside, there are noisy waves; Inside, the river is quiet. Walk into your palm, your arms, your eyes,your cheap dance shoes , looking for a warm, a harbor. At the top of the wall, several cold plum sticks held their heads high and kept silent, but they saw Fang's soul coming. The early sun shone into the west window, bathed and burned incense, and the sound of books came from the octagonal building. Starting from the rice paper with wet ink, it flows through mountains and rivers, pine wind and Wu rain, and turns into a free and easy light smoke. Out of the window, the master carefully picked up beauty Yu. The drizzle full of spirituality, please touch and moisturize the wounded skin. Embrace it, embrace this happy moment from horseback riding. Raindrops slide down, strings of thoughts, an unexpected affair. Before the flowers and after the butterflies and dance shoes, the wet train lies in your arms and listens to your snoring. How sweet and fragrant! Luxuriance is a false coat, and heaviness is the real connotation.


I think, in this ancient lane, borrow a corner, plant flowers and birds, play the piano and flute, break the wall and write poems. Let your hair falls fall in front of you again and again, just like confused whispers, flowing into thousands of customs. I hold you like a bunch of rain. My heart is filled with infinite thoughts, floating up until the ethereal realm, that is the ID and the true self. Looking for, looking for lilac like tranquility, maybe the person holding the oil paper umbrella has already gone away, and a lone duck and tap dance shoes in the sunset turns back and hovers in vain, and the tide overflows the Bank of worry. The raindrops beat on the west window, expecting the dreamer to wave gently. May I ask the little swallow, who is coquettish and angry, whether he can return to build a new nest this year? Light rain and cheap tap dancing shoes is touching, inch by inch. My thoughts are growing inch by inch.


Bud like this, flowering can wait. Transparent raindrops, clear veins and strong bones. The rain is poetic and picturesque. tap shoes,Stones, arrowheads and Acacia beans have sprouted and jointed. Fantasy once again hold the lake, wandering at the end of the alley. In the rain, I will always remember your ear and cheap tap shoes and sideburns and amaze your sad beauty. Spring once, miss once. There is always endless spring at the tip of my pen. Ten years of spring, across many roads and bridges, ten years of spring can not fall into the ancient lane. Fill in a thin word and sing a chief tune. Detour in the ancient lane, unable to find the foothold of that year. I only saw the bright and dark lines of poetry, opening flowers full of smiles and sending out fragrant sounds. Turning Acacia, moat weeping willows, and to outing. Look at the falling red countless, only small bridges and flowing water echo each other from afar. Indifferent to fame and wealth, just like an inverted meteor across the sky. Only the eyes in the sunset radiate brilliant starlight, shining on a lonely acacia tree and cheap tap shoes .

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