I thank you for leaving me

I thank you for leaving me. Do you know that without you, I would not learn what is strong and what is a true lover so quickly? Why should I first know how to love myself and then love others? You think you have left, I will not be happy as sad as the heroine on TV. I tell you that I am happy today

? Many people say that the best medicine for forgetting someone is time or a new love. It takes time to heal the wound. Time will heal, and the memory will be blurred after a long time. A new lover can accompany you instead of the original one, but the feeling is totally different. No matter how similar the two people are, they can't be the same. No one can not live without it. The road of life is long. The only person who can accompany you all your life is himself. Time and new love are not as practical as self love. If you love someone, you should first learn how to love yourself to make yourself more brilliant. Isn't it easier to make that person regret?

? At 2:30 in the morning, roommate R was still writing a plan. Every day, he was trying his best, but his life was exquisite and stylish. I can hardly find leisure time to sigh and complain about life. Every day is full of arrangements. Weekend is either for fitness or beauty, or for shopping with friends, weekly yoga classes, foreign language classes, and taking time to walk around the surrounding cities. You can work overtime all night, but you will be given half a month's vacation every year. Without envy, she doesn't need to attach herself to anyone. She lives brilliantly. Being able to live so thoroughly, she sighed that her consciousness was deep enough.

She told me that she would be the same as she is today and would like to thank her predecessor.

May 28, 2013. After five years of love, the two who once thought they would stay together until they were old broke up. Stunned by a crowd of melon eaters, her predecessor cheated. The world suddenly collapsed, and life had no direction at all. I wanted to kill myself and revenge. I pulled my friends to drink and sing K, and cried all the time. I always lost sleep at night when I didn't drink. I hid under the covers and cried until it was dark. The original 80 kg soft girl has soared to 110. Although she is not so fat as hopeless, she has no pure appearance. For a time, she thought that without him, she had no hope for life. She was more sad than her heart would die. Anyway, she would not fall in love again, and would no longer pay attention to her appearance. She would live a life of self degradation.

One day, I ran into an elder sister. I heard that she married after graduation, but there was no more news. I haven't seen her for many years, but the elder sister is more beautiful. Her appearance is not a particularly amazing type, but it is full of intellectual beauty, which makes people feel particularly comfortable. "Elder martial sister, I heard that you are married, and your life should be very good." R felt the happiness in the elder sister and couldn't help admiring her. "It's a knot, but it's gone." The elder sister replied with a smile. Looking at R's surprised face, he continued to say, "You heard me right. I'm divorced. I'm single now." A divorced woman should not be like this. Why can't you see the embarrassment of a divorced woman.

After that day, R became crazy, at least in the eyes of many people. She quit her old nine to five job, moved out of the rented house in the village in the city, and rented a house in her favorite neighborhood. Crazy weight loss, crazy purchase of clothes, cosmetics. R has saved a lot of money with her ex boyfriend over the years and plans to buy a house when she gets married in the future, so she usually hates buying clothes, cosmetics and eating out. It seems that we need to fill the gap of the past five years, apply for a foreign language class, and get a fitness card. Start to get out of the haze of the lovelorn, and no longer spoil yourself for that scum. Start making friends and add fresh blood. Seeing the present R, I can't imagine the past. When others are asking her, are you sad after being lovelorn? She replied, "I don't have time to be sad. I'm busy.". Yes, she is busy improving herself, doing things she likes, loving herself and her family. There is no time to waste energy on unnecessary people.

We should thank our predecessor for not marrying him. That day, the elder sister told her that the best way to leave someone alone is not to have time for new lovers, but to love yourself. Why should people love themselves before they love others. What can be missed may not really be your lover, so why bother wronging yourself and others?

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