I want to be with you

I want to be with you

It seems that many people who don't want to send letters with me are in this state. I don't want to send letters with my uncle. It seems that there is only one person who doesn't want to send letters with me and tap dance shoes .


It should be from the second day of junior high school and cheap tap dance shoes that the teacher asked to write a composition and write an inscription. After that, I haven't written an inscription for a long time. No wonder I can pinch it easily on the premise that practice makes perfect. However, in this era of continuous progress, we need to have the courage to make breakthroughs and accumulate thick to thin hair. We should not be afraid of failure. We are afraid that we are not brave enough.

So in the title of brave installation, I began my long speech. Thank you for reading!

First, what is love and cheap tap shoes ? Love has always been an eternal topic, just as the introduction says - the world of love is full of sunshine and color, full of laughter. It is difficult for us to imagine how terrible it would be if the world had no love. It can be seen that love is warmth, love is giving, and love is the pronoun of beauty.

It seems that the definition of love is elegant and hazy, which is difficult to generalize in one word. In my small world, love is giving roses with lingering fragrance in your hand; Love is the grace of a drop of water, when the spring returns; Love is that if you are well, it will be sunny. Love is the human who detours for them in the eyes of the grass; Love is the support of mutual trust in the hearts of lovers; Love is the person who reaches out the hand of warm friendship when we are in trouble. Love is ordinary and great, precious and needs your heart to cherish!

In primary school, the letter to the person you love most is written to the teacher.

Childhood is that carefree era, which always makes us forget to return when we grow up. At that time, we were naive, lovely and romantic.

It should be the first grade at the age of seven or eight. At that time, I lived with my grandparents. My parents opened a thrift shop in Guangzhou thousands of miles away. At that time, it was easy to meet life. At that time, I obeyed what the teacher said.

Mr. Chen is my first Chinese teacher. He has a serious and responsible attitude towards his work, so that sometimes he can not take textbooks to class, but also recite the textbooks; After class, he became one with us, playing games and speaking freely together; He is like a lamp, leading us forward with his wisdom and patience. That year, he left our small village and worked as a secretary in the government department of the town. On the day of saying goodbye, we didn't give up and almost burst into tears.

Later teachers are also very kind to us. We can tell all our thoughts in them, whimsical, fantasy and be the most real and lovely us.

At that time, in that small village, the most I contacted was the teacher who carefully taught us. I saw them every day. They taught us the truth of teaching and educating people every day, and then they were accompanied when work and rest were combined. At that time, my favorite person was a teacher and tap shoes .

In the name of love, I want to accompany you and repay your teaching kindness with my company and tap dance shoes .

In junior high school, the letter to the person you love most is written to your parents.

Time is a good thing. It not only makes people pay the price of old white hair, but also makes people more sensible, mature and understand.

In primary school, I don't understand my parents. I think my parents only know work and ignore themselves, so I don't understand my parents.

Most of the time, they are envious of others. Envy others can have parents to take up and down school; Envy others that they can act like spoilers to their parents as soon as they get home; I envy others that they can stay with their parents, and I have hardly had such a moment. Grandparents are also very good to me, but stubborn. I hope my parents will accompany me. Children need their parents and always need them.

Finally, the Chinese new year, and finally meet their parents, at this time, I do not know how happy.

My parents have always been concerned about me. They brought me back my favorite snacks, bought new clothes, told me that they were also for survival, and said that they just wanted to give me a better material life.

In junior high school, I realized these, knew the hard work of my parents to earn money, and felt the greatness of my parents. At that time, my favorite people were my parents.

In the name of love, I want to accompany you and repay your upbringing with my company.

In high school, the letter to the person you love most is written to your classmates.

"Water flows to the bottom, and people go to the top". In high school, we said goodbye to small towns for a while and came to the county town. At this time, we have more people and things to contact, our vision has widened, we want to be ourselves and have more real friendship and cheap tap dancing shoes .

I still remember that I only knew to bury myself in reading in senior one, combine work and rest in senior two, and be happy and free in senior three.

I grew up with the help of real friends, and now I still have endless aftertaste.

We all start from strangeness, and then gradually become familiar. After we are familiar with each other, we become inseparable from each other in the classroom, canteen and bedroom. We can discuss problems together in study, laugh together after class, and even have a real fight occasionally. We can lose each other, boast each other, and visit each other's homes together, because we are already familiar with each other, we are honest with each other, and we will think of each other.

You gave me a gift as a graduation blessing. You filled my message book with dense words. You are important in my life. I don't want you to make a curtain call easily. At that time, my favorite people were classmates.

In the name of love, I want to accompany you and repay your kindness with my company.

In college, the letter to the person you love most is written to yourself, that is, who you are now.

Today, I am 21 years old. I should be at the age of youth and hard work. I should use a pair of diligent hands to create my own blue sky!

"If there is a gap between heaven and earth in life, it will just happen suddenly.". At the age of 21, although not through vicissitudes, they really understand a lot.

We came to this colorful world naked. Finally, after decades of baptism and cheap tap shoes, we left this world naked, not for name or profit, but to experience this experience in this beautiful world. We will become open-minded and try our best to achieve the realm of "not happy with things, not sad for ourselves". We will become content. The so-called contentment is always happy, but at the same time, we will not lose our fighting spirit. We will live a wonderful life even if we are hurt all over. We walk in the long wheel of this time, happy, regretless and self comforting. At that time, I loved myself most.

In the name of love, I want to accompany you and repay your thought with my company.

In the name of love, I just want to be with you and you!

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