I want to confess to you

Today is the ninth day of coming to Shiqiao primary school, one day before the end of this practice. Here, I am busy, tired and happy.

When I first arrived here, I had a lot of concerns, worried that I was not doing well enough and that I would bring trouble to the team members. I adapted to life here in a very short time and worked hard every day so as not to cause trouble to others. Looking back at these nine days, there are sweat, tears, smiles, feelings, anger and helplessness. I sweat a lot every day, because I have to be busy, the weather is relatively muggy, and I myself am a person who sweats easily. I will feel happy because of the children's smiles, angry and helpless because of the children's unreasonable, and moved by the care and tolerance of my teammates. I like the morning here. Jiming wakes up this quiet village. Looking up, you can see the bright North Star hanging high. The lively morning market is full of simple local flavor. I also like the night here. The cool night wind blows my hair through the fields. There are aunts dancing square dance on the school playground, which is very lively. There is a lion dance practice performance opposite the school gate. To be honest, I'm very happy here. Although I'm usually very tired, I think all the tiredness is worth it. I like my students very much. Although my students sometimes disobey and disagree with me, their innocent smiles make me unable to be really angry. I also like my teammates very much. They are a group of very cute people. We should cooperate with each other and work together to make the best of this rural teaching activity. Our "blooming summer" is a large group, a very warm group. In this group, someone will urge me to go to bed early, someone will care whether I am full or not, someone will hand me a paper towel when I am sweating, someone will worry about whether you are unwell, someone will quarrel with me and make me laugh, someone will comfort and encourage me when I am discouraged... In short, I have gained too much emotion and joy. Maybe other team members don't know. Sometimes I feel very moved by their small details and a casual word. I'm afraid that others will say that I'm too pretentious, so I rarely reveal my true thoughts. I really want to say thank you to my teammates of "blooming summer". Thank you for your company along the way. It's nice to have you. This is the truth, don't laugh.

This rural teaching activity is coming to an end, and I am a little reluctant, because as soon as the activity is over, I will be separated from my lovely students and teammates. One day, let's continue to refuel. I will cherish every minute of getting along with my students and teammates, because this will be my deepest and most precious memory.

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