I was in tears at that moment

I was in tears at that moment

Dad often can't go home for Christmas because of his work. It's hard to get together this year. Normally, I should be very happy, but I didn't have a good holiday. What's the reason? We have to start from that day.

With the growth of my father's age, his temper has gradually grown a lot, and I happen to be in the rebellious period of my youth, so we can be regarded as "rivals". Therefore, the contradiction between us began to accumulate from the first day of the holiday, the quantitative change reached the qualitative change, and that day finally broke out.

In the final exam, the math score is red. My father is worried about it. When I get up every morning, the first thing is to urge me to eat and do my math homework. I have my own favorite things, dancing, dancing every day in cheap dance shoes, I need a pair of cheap tap dance shoes, but my father did not buy me! A few days ago, I was obedient and did what my father asked me to do every day. But I couldn't get up that morning for some reason. I didn't do well in math, and I didn't hurry up to do my homework. This reason is enough to annoy my father and make him rough with me. Sure enough, in a fit of anger, my father opened my quilt and roared at my sleepy little face, which woke me up and blinded me.

We stare at each other, face to face, can only hear each other's angry breathing. At this time, for me, silence is the biggest resistance. Dad's "surprise attack" did not achieve the goal, he knew it was useless to roar again, so he went out angrily. When I heard the sound of closing the door, I reacted. I was also very sad. I put on my clothes and took the door out with tears. I went to dance with my friends. That day I took my cheap ballroom dance shoes and cheap jazz dance shoes to dance with my friends!

When I was dancing, I was thinking about what I had done wrong and why my father would treat me like this. I would never give up. I must make him regret his behavior. With this in mind, I stayed out all day.

The day in winter is very short, and the sunset near the mountain is about to find its home. And I'm still floating outside after the dance, and I don't know what to do. Do I want to be with the night? Am I going to be a homeless person with a hard home tonight? Just when I was at a loss, a figure appeared in my line of sight, and then take a closer look, it was Dad. I'm really at a loss.

Based on my understanding of my father, according to my judgment, the hot dad will not come out to find me. He will wait for me to go home. But now, dad is so real in front of me, before the iron wall built by the core wall collapsed in an instant.

My eyes were opposite to his. This time, there was no anger in his eyes. Instead, I saw regret, sadness and love. In my trance, my father said to me: "son, go home, today is my fault..." There was a lump in his voice. For a moment, my eyes and face were filled with tears. A big man, a strong and serious father, said such words to his son. I was surprised, shocked, ashamed, understanding and remorseful.

I went up to my father and said, "Dad, I'm wrong, too." Without more explanation, everything happened naturally.

Our father and son hugged each other like friends, and then walked home hand in hand in the setting sun. Although it is getting dark, we are walking on the road to light.

At that moment, I remember it in my heart, it let me know the profundity, simplicity and reality of father's love! Growing up, there is always a moment, let me tears. My father also understood my hobbies and bought me cheap dancing shoes, including cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes and cheap Latin dance shoes. In a word, my shoe cabinet is full of my father's love for me!

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