I was very excited at that moment

I was very excited at that moment

Bathed in the warm winter sun, the annual sports meeting and dance competition finally kicked off in the students' expectation. Exciting games, cheering cries and thunderous applause whirled over the playground. Dance competitions on the stage are also exciting! There are ballet, jazz, tap, Cha Cha, tango, hip hop and so on! Our class mainly takes part in tap dance, ballet and jazz! Before the competition, I prepared cheap dance shoes for our class, including cheap ballet dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes and cheap tap  dancing shoes!

The results of the first day were not satisfactory, but they didn't weaken the passion of our class 5. It is said that the sports field is like a battlefield. We have set foot on the track and field field with full confidence. The enthusiasm of the students dispelled the bleak winter, and the campus was boiling. But on the stage, our players wear cheap dance shoes to participate in the tap dance to get the second best result, the players wear cheap tap dancing shoes to make the whole dance dazzling!

The 200 meter race begins. The players are chasing each other. We all craned our necks and looked forward to it. The result of the game was still unsatisfactory. We can only place all our hopes on the next game - 400 meters.

In the cheering voice of the whole class, Wang Ziheng, the runner of our class, stood on the starting line with confidence. Like my classmates, I could not restrain my excitement and stood up from the chair, locking my eyes in the last hope. As the referee teacher raised his arm, I held my breath and raised my heart to my throat“ "Bang", with the sound of a gun, Prince Heng bent down to start, like an arrow, straight out. After a turn, Wang Ziheng will take the other players

Left behind“ come on. Come on The cry from the wall drowned my heart. I held my ground and clapped my hands. The players in the back are not willing to be outdone, they are equal, and the competition is extremely fierce. Another turn. Bad, Wang Ziheng has been overtaken! I immediately tensed every cell in my body and clenched two fists“ Wang Ziheng. come on. Catch up In a wave of voices, I can't hear the voice of my own hoarseness, I can only feel the strong heartbeat. At this moment, the game has entered a white hot stage. Wang Ziheng didn't relax at all. He tightened his brows, clenched his teeth, quickly swung his arms and stepped on the "wind and fire wheel", leaving all the players behind. It's close! It's close! 50 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters... Wang Ziheng really lived up to people's expectations and rushed to the end“ Yes There was a lot of applause and the whole class was boiling. This is the best result of our class in two days. At that moment, I was so excited that a stone I was holding in my heart finally fell to the ground. I loosened my grip and clapped with my classmates.

In winter, the wind is cold, but the sun is very excited because of that moment, warm to everyone.

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