I will never forget my first love

I will never forget my first love

My hometown is deep in the mountains. It is a small mountain village with beautiful mountains and rivers. Where have we lived for generations? Some people have never walked out of that mountain in their whole life. However, one thing touched my heart, changed the life track of my life, made me leave the hometown where I was born and raised, drifted in a foreign land, and changed the face of poverty for generations. Speaking of this, I have to tell you from the beginning. That was 1978, when I was only 16 years old. Just after graduating from junior high school, because my family was too poor to continue to the county's middle school, I had to finish my middle school studies in the Township Central School and go back to the village as a reporter. In our small mountain village, the education level like me is already a personal talent.

I worked in the village for more than two months. Towards noon one day, a distant cousin who lived in a neighboring village came to our house and told my parents to introduce me a daughter-in-law. After listening to this, my parents were naturally very happy and warmly received my cousin. At noon, my mother cut a large piece of bacon prepared for the new year to entertain my cousin. At the dinner table, my cousin introduced the girl to my parents. The girl is from their village. Her name is Lili. She has reached the age of 15 this year. After graduating from primary school, her family didn't let her go to middle school, so she was asked to help her work at home, beat pig grass and raise chickens and ducks. There are six children in their family, all of whom are girls. Introduce me to this object, ranking fifth in their family, because his mother didn't give birth to a son for her father, so her father was very angry. The cousin also said that the girl's father worked in a construction company in other provinces. He didn't have a good face when he went back to his family in the countryside every year. He also drank sullen wine when he stayed at home. He said to his mother that he would fight and scold. He thought the girl was losing money and wanted to marry her out early. My cousin pulled me beside her and whispered to me that she was the most beautiful girl in their village. The village where my cousin lives is far from my village. The distance between our two villages has to walk for three hours. She told us to wait for her good news that day. My cousin went back without dinner. A few days later, my cousin asked me to meet the girl at my cousin's house.

I remember clearly the day we met. I got up before six o'clock that morning, went up the mountain to cut some firewood and carried it home. I went to the river to beat some pig grass. Feed the pigs, chickens and ducks. It was almost eight o'clock. Under the repeated urging of my parents, I had breakfast. I put on the only clothes without patches and went on a blind date. My mother and I walked the mountain road for three hours and arrived at my cousin's house at eleven o'clock. I made an appointment and said to meet at noon. It was about noon. At this time, I heard someone shouting outside my cousin's yard: "is she Aunt Li at home?" The cousin hurried out of the room and replied, "at home, at home, come in quickly."

In fact, my cousin is about the same age as my parents, 30 years older than me, but she is as old as me, so I call her cousin. And she is in their village. Like her cousin, she is naturally a girl's elder at this age. It is also reasonable for them to call their cousins aunts.

Seeing that our cousin went out, we followed her out of the house and came to the yard to meet the guests. Cousin opened the gate and welcomed them in. The girl came to my cousin's house accompanied by her mother. When I came out of the house, I saw a beautiful girl with water and spirit coming in from the gate of the hospital. Although she was a rural girl, her skin was red, white and clean. At that time, I stood there as if a nail had fixed me. This is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

I saw the girl wearing a sapphire blue plexiglass button dress, which was washed a little white, but it was clean, and her lower body was blue pants (there were not many people who could afford sapphire blue DICA plexiglass button clothes in the countryside. Maybe it was because his father was on duty in the city, but the clothes were washed a little white. Maybe her sister gave them to her after wearing them, It can be imagined that a family with six girls could not buy new clothes for everyone. In that era, it was common for older children to wear clothes and then for younger ones. It was not as rich as we are now. In that era, materials were relatively scarce. This is what young people can't imagine now.)

The cousin hurriedly asked the guests to sit in the room. We first let the guests in and then came to the room. After the guests sat down, we also found a place to sit down. The niece at home was busy pouring water for the guests and put peanuts and melon seeds on the table in front of the guests. The cousin warmly introduced us both. The girl's mother looked at me carefully, and a satisfied expression appeared on her face. I saw the girl sitting shyly beside her mother, with her head down and her hands constantly touching her black and shiny braid. I was facing the girl. I looked at the girl carefully. It seemed that she was about 1.6 meters tall and weighed 70 or 80 kilograms. Her hair was very thick. A red head rope tied a black and shiny braid, When I entered the door, I saw her braid walking back and forth on her ass. it was very cute. Seeing her, my heart was sweet and I fell in love with her at once. Just then, the girl suddenly raised her beautiful face and looked at me with a pair of big eyes. I was a little overwhelmed at that time, but I calmed down and looked at each other.

Both parents were satisfied with the meeting. The marriage was settled, and we established the love relationship. From then on, we began our journey of love.

A few months later, I remember that it was the Spring Festival of the second year, and at the same time, I caught up with her father's 50th birthday. As a prospective son-in-law, I naturally wanted to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. At that time, my husband's eldest aunt and sister-in-law in the countryside were joking and advised to drink. I was drunk at noon that day. After the banquet, I felt vaguely that someone had carried me away. I slept. I woke up again after drinking and thirsty. It was already afternoon. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a black coat with four black plexiglass buttons on the bed. The sun shone on the plexiglass button coat through the window, and the four plexiglass buttons glittered under the sun, Radiate charming light. I guess this coat is my great aunt's dress. It was my first close contact with plexiglass button clothes.

I looked around. I was alone in the room. I couldn't restrain my excitement. I grabbed the plexiglass button coat and kissed and touched it...... It feels like kissing my object, which makes me very intoxicated. Then I bit the button. At this time, I couldn't stand the control of alcohol. A burst of sleepiness came and I fell asleep again

I don't know when my object came back. My object woke me up while dragging my clothes. At that time, my shy face turned red. My object said, if you want me, just say it. Why are you touching my sister's clothes? I just miss you.

She was wearing a plaid plexiglass button dress that day. She was inexperienced at that time. She hugged her and kissed her on the head. She suddenly reacted. We started our love story in the room, we talked a lot, and we looked forward to a better life in the future.

Later, when I went to her house, her parents went to the ground. That day, she was wearing a sapphire blue Dika dress with four plexiglass buttons. She was in good shape and had a big chest. The top of the sapphire blue plexiglass button Dika dress was very tall. As soon as she walked, the four plexiglass bright buttons flickered and glittered. It's very sexy and makes people have a sexual impulse. I hugged her and touched her chest and plexiglass buttons. She didn't want me to touch it at that time. Later, she couldn't resist the temptation. She also became soft. She said that I could only hold her and kiss her while touching four Sapphire blue plexiglass buttons. I wanted her, She pushed me away. Her voice was very low and said, "brother, don't be afraid to have children. I'll give it to you when I get married."

I said, "it's okay. I'm getting married anyway."

After talking for a long time, she just quit and began to cry. I was so old that I had seen girls cry when I had no money. I was so frightened that I didn't dare to move again.

She cried and said, "brother, you can't be light! I'm your daughter-in-law. "

I quickly coaxed her and said I'm sorry. Finally, she was laughed by me, and I touched the plexiglass button on her chest.

After a while, all her family came back. She went to cook. She cooked in the house and walked back and forth. Her mother found that she couldn't walk stably, so she asked her, "lily, why are you walking unsteadily?"

She blushed and said, "it's all right. She was bitten by the neighbor's dog." her mother was so scared that she hurried to lift her pants and look at her legs.

She smiled and said, "it's all right, don't worry," and hurriedly walked away. Then she looked at me and gestured angrily. I smiled.

How time flies. A year has passed in the twinkling of an eye. Just when I was looking forward to a better future, there was an unexpected situation. My father was seriously ill and paralyzed in bed. It was undoubtedly worse for our already poor family. Their family knew the noon conditions. She and I disagreed. Later, his father was angry and drank rat medicine. He found it early and rescued it in time without killing anyone. It turned out that our family had to agree to withdraw from marriage. Mother told me how to be a man with a conscience and not delay other girls for myself. I cried and agreed to my mother's request.

After I separated from her, she sent a message to me and asked me to go out with her to the grove outside the village. I promised. According to the decided time, we came to the hill between the two villages. We snuggled together in the woods. She gave me her body that day. We sat close to each other all morning. We were reluctant to part with each other and shed tears. I told her that I would go out to work to earn money and marry her when I came back. I'll take her home. When we parted, it seemed that I grew up. I wanted to go out and change the face of poverty in the mountain village.

Before I was 18 years old, I said goodbye to my parents and went to work in other places alone. Within two years after my father died, she came to me again. It was difficult for us to leave. I went home to deal with my father and went out to work again. Eight years later, I returned to my hometown with enough money to go to a daughter-in-law in the countryside and was ready to marry him home. When I went to see her, I heard that they had moved away from the village three years ago. They said they had gone to Sichuan, and her father died. She had never been married. I listened to her in many ways, but I couldn't find her information. Later, I went to the northeast to start a business, became a small boss and had my own company. I went south and North, and there were two boundless places since then.

Although thirty years have passed, the plot of my first love and plexiglass button always resides in my heart. I hope God bless her peace and happiness.

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