If I were a fox who has been practicing for thousands of years

If I were a fox with thousands of years of practice, I would like to grow into the shape you like. Even if I don't grow up, I would like to paint you a lifelike face that will never fade, just like the little one in Painted Skin. In order to meet you at the right time, at the right place and in the right scene, and to let you not have to look for her anxiously, you can find me at a glance. I want to have a beauty that is as beautiful as the city: my hair is as black as paint, and my skin is like jade. Willow eyebrow, cherry mouth. With bright eyes and bright teeth, she is petite, lithe, dignified and elegant. A kind of unspeakable charm is revealed between every frown and smile. It is like a peony in bud. It is beautiful but not evil, gorgeous but not vulgar, charming and incomparable. I will have a sweet voice, a sweet voice; I also have the waist and legs like Zhao Feiyan, who can dance the Nishang Feather Clothes Song Lingbo Dance; In particular, my eyes must look forward to the bright, soul stirring, affectionate, and make you fall in love at first sight, and you will never be able to extricate yourself

If I were a fox of thousands of years of practice, I would read poetry. I want to know about astronomy and geography, and I also need to be experienced in human relations and insight into the world. I want to have outstanding intelligence and super class wisdom. In spite of this, in front of you, I will definitely be as wise as a fool, and treat you gently and sincerely with a small woman's heart. To enhance your self-confidence with respect. The poetry books in my stomach are all for the sake of no estrangement when talking with you. When you are confused, I will remind you in a tactful way. If you want to be famous in history, I can plan strategies for you and help you secretly, so that you can make progress and become prosperous; If you want to be rich, I can give you advice and advice when you are worried about your business. The most important thing is that when all the past events in the world of mortals make you fully aware, I can take you out of the three realms, like an immortal, free from the world. Ha ha! Isn't all this wonderful?!

If I were a fox who had been practicing for thousands of years, I would study you in all directions. I hate what Sun Hui has done and hate her to the core. The wolf and the heartless man make me scared. So I want to see if you have a kind heart and noble character. Whether you can treat me sincerely, live in harmony, and unite your heart and mind, and never let Du Shiniang's anger sink into the treasure chest again

If I were a fox who has been practicing for thousands of years, I would stay with you forever. When you miss me, like Nie Xiaoqian, I will come to you in the bright moonlight. Even thousands of miles away, I will travel mountains and rivers, meet you in the clear wind and bright moon, and sing softly; Or smile at each other and dance to clear the shadows; Or talk on one's knees and talk incessantly; Or cut the candle in the west window, play chess under the light, and use tea as your fragrance. If one day you are tired of it, and we are doomed, I will let you drink the water of love and eat the grass of sorrow. I will erase all the deep memories of the past, and let me bear all the sadness alone. Like a mermaid, I would rather turn myself into foam than hurt you

If I were a fox who had practiced for thousands of years, I would practice for thousands of years to meet and love you. For this deep feeling, I am so devoted to love each other. Have you ever thought of cherishing it?!

The moonlight is like water, the wind is light and the clouds are clear, frogs are noisy and insects are chirping. Such a night, so quiet and tranquil, but my mind is shaken. I hope my pen is not full of absurd paper, not full of nonsense. Cherish the present, cherish the present, and practice. Don't disappoint the love you have for thousands of years!

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