If missing is rain, I am soaked

On rainy days again, the hazy rain, no matter how big or small, can just wet the land; No noise, no quiet just can clear my mind.

The rain is not like pearls, rolling down; Unlike a waterfall, it pours and runs; Unlike fallen leaves, it is like a continuous silk, continuously down, without interruption, no stop, no clue; It's like my yearning, no worries, go ahead bravely, no end, no margin, I miss you like this

Sitting in front of the computer and looking out of the window, the rain is still continuing, and my yearning is also continuing. At this time, my yearning is like a reverie mood, in which both good mood and bad mood are involved. Missing may also be an alternative leisure, and missing is a beautiful loneliness. Only when I miss you can I feel lonely and beautiful. Missing is a happy sadness, a sweet melancholy, and a warm pain. Missing is a long indulgence in yesterday and a yearning for a better future.

Miss in the rain, hazy scenery, more easily hook people miss the feelings, but also set off the miss that some desolate beauty. With endless yearning, there must be a long wait. Emily Dickinson, an American poetess, said: "It is not long to wait for ten thousand years, if there is finally love as compensation!"!

Is loving you the fate of looking back thousands of times in the past life? Maybe I owe you a cup of water in the past life; Maybe I owe you a gift of flowers in my previous life; Maybe I owe you a smile in my previous life; After all, it is the love I owe, and it is the hidden marriage. I am unwilling to escape in the escape, I am unwilling to struggle in the struggle, and I would like to fetter my freedom for you.

You are the plum blossom scattering gently and causing my pity. It is your dancing love that causes my desire. It is the crazy emotion that has wrinkled my heart pool. Our happiness, our passion, and our freedom come into each other's eyes. In spring and summer, true feelings can not be dormant, like a flame blooming in spring and summer, it is the magma rushing and boiling hot every inch of true feelings where they may be, and can not be pacified.

The lakeside witnessed the thickness of love. The words of love floated down one by one before my eyes. It flew to you with acacia for thousands of miles. You can't refuse the ripples of love, just as I can't bear to refuse you.

I can't forget the pain of standing by the lake and missing. It's not love that hurts people, but love that erodes me; Never forget the pain of separation, never forget the hug of goodbye; forget

Never hug each other to sleep under the dim light. The night is still but turbulent. What will not be calm for a long time is deep love.

A lifetime of love has been engraved in the palm of my hand. That line must be intertwined with you. All the messy lines can't cover the sharp points of deep feelings. Even the pain, even the injury, can't peel off the feelings of the hand. It's already doomed.

It is the falling smoke and rain that disturb my eyes. Love you, do not want to leave you, do not want to let you worry about risk. I am used to seeing your smile with three degrees of warmth, hearing your voice murmuring love, and being used to you cuddling with me to make trouble. Your tolerance, your pain, and your love are pulling me down deeply, and I fall into the bottom of love with you.

Never expect to live a life of splendor and wealth, and never expect to live a life of adventure and romance. It is a kind of happiness to have a person who can miss. Especially on such a day, the humid air and gentle wind after rain. Sweep that wisp of melancholy like smoke, a kind of whisper in the silent forest at dusk. Just wait for your appearance and return quietly, just let you know that there is a man in a quiet city who wants to have the same feelings and wishes with you, so he wants to hold you and walk on the quiet path; Or quietly listen to a song, and then look at each other with eyes, smile; Or watch the sunrise, watch the sunset together, or enjoy the carefree life, watch the snowfall in the world, or gently say to you: I really miss you! That's enough. really

I really know that your figure has turned into an atmosphere, which is recorded in my heart. In your memory, a name, a figure and a voice will suddenly emerge anytime and anywhere, making me feel heartache and happiness.

Missing is like rain. The rain is still the same. There is no intention to change it. My missing is still the same. There is no retreat

Missing you is like rain. When I miss you, my world will be filled with thoughts, just like the rain falling all over the sky

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