If one day I leave you

Seeing or not, it's the old days. The years are long and the river is forgotten. Silence and joy do not come or go. Do you know the wet memory in the rain?



Day and night, year after year, I have been calling for truth and beauty. I look forward to tranquility and clarification with honest eyes. I want to bring the most real beauty and affection to the world with my kindness and persistent writing, music and painting,

If one day I leave you, my dear, I want to say to you;

Herring, sister, you are the person I care about and the sister I have known for the longest time in my space. Sister, you call me Nizi. Nizi is also tired. She can no longer inherit your glorious tradition and carry forward our music and painting family. Sister, you are in poor health and sick. You should stay up less. You are a person who values friendship. When you say I am happy, you are watching. When I am unhappy, you must be in front of me. Sister, respect you and love you are in my heart. I remember what you taught me. When I left my sister, don't be sad. I just went to set free.

Like a dream, you are my dream. You are a person who takes care of me with all sincerity and share weal and woe. You do not allow others to bully me. You do not allow others to be bad. Writing here, my tears come up. It is enough to make such a life and death confidant on the Internet. Dream, you should be good in the future. Don't cry all the time. You are always the first to rush in front of your friends. You know, the bullet always hits your chest first, so your heart bleeds less than your friends' heart. You see, when I was hurt, you shed more tears than I did. Now, I am also full of tears. I know that I can't write these words at all. How can I write my heart and tears in it. Dream, we have a fox nest. Sometimes when we think about being human, it is better to be a simple Fox and a simple hedgehog.

Heartfelt words, elder sister, I know that you love me very much, love me very much, and always beat me and scold me. In the network, you and I have the most voices. In fact, your voice is more friendly than anything. Elder sister, you have a bad stomach. You should pay more attention to your meals in the future. You can't drink any more even if you can't avoid any social intercourse. Even if I leave, I will worry about you. Elder sister, I know you like me. You love and indulge me for no reason. Elder sister, I also imagined how happy we would be when we met one day. Elder sister, I'm sorry. I've cried for you many times. This time, you also shed tears for me, OK?

Yuxin, I seldom call you sister. It has been nearly two years. We get along day and night. We have nothing to say. Recently, many things have happened to you that make you sad, upset and sad. You are bitter and tired, but you can taste life alone. However, at this time, I rarely give you warmth and comfort. I know that you must blame me in your heart. In fact, how much a person's heart can share, but I understand that I can do nothing for your suffering. I know you are not strong, but you have learned to be strong. I know you are in pain, but you smile and give people happiness in pain. Like to listen to your voice, like us singing together, like our happy days together. These are not important. The important thing is that in the future, you should be happy. If you are sick, you must go to see it in time and remember.

Piao'er likes your frankness, respects your fortitude and your persistence. I used to regard you as my only confidant. I have some feelings. Although time is gone, the deep feelings have been deposited in my heart with time. I think some things will be worn away by time. I think a long time will wash away my memory. But every time I think of you, my eyes are always wet. Do you know? That is love. When I think of you, I have the feeling of Sanghai. It is the strength of life experience. Piao'er, the details, the sounds and the happiness of getting along with you. Like veins carved in our lives.

Feng ER, disciple, the only direct disciple, has been calling you like this. I just taught you the beginning of music and painting. You will make great progress when master leads you in. If you have any questions in the future, ask sister Xinyu. She knows a lot of music and painting. You are in poor health. Don't always think about the unhappy past. Your charm and talent are better than me and Rumeng, so you are the real fox spirit. Take good care of your health. In this life, I can't dream of the seaside with you. In the next life, I will wait for you in the house facing the sea.

Chopin, I haven't seen you lately. I know you are tangled with complexity and triviality. When I am sad, you always like to let me rely on your soft arm. Although your shoulder is also very weak, your heart is broad and you always want to cherish my fragile heart. Chopin, you have to love yourself, everything will be better, the sun is always after the rain.

Reader Xueer, sister, your love for me is the most paid in the shortest time. Yu Er is very ruthless and always hurts you. I can't forget to wake me up every morning and say good night before going to bed at night. I pay more attention to me than anyone else. My concern for me is from the heart and doesn't need any reason. Yu'er knows and understands everything. I don't know what I can do in this life. So many people treat me well, treat me sincerely, and never abandon me.

Hui'er, you are in a quiet corner, but our affection has already crossed thousands of rivers and mountains. Your purse is beside my pillow. I can't forget to say good night to her every night. Hui'er, miss you.

Ya ya, my best partner, your voice gives me a shocking beauty. I think it is not easy to find the most harmonious partner in a network. Ya ya, you are my most beautiful memory.

Ping'er, although we don't talk much, you are kind, pure and beautiful. Ping'er, you are not in good health. You should pay more attention. Don't catch a cold. Take more exercise to improve your health.

Rain Mei solo dance, we are acquainted in tea, we have little space to interact. You are the pride of heaven. Your writing charm is so gorgeous. You are a superstar in the field of literature. Let me stop and enjoy it for you. I know that you pay attention to me, and I pay attention to you from time to time. Fate in this life, return in the next life.

Congzhongling, boss, although you are a good friend of mine who has not been in contact for a long time, you have captured my heart with your understanding and massiness. Thank you for your love, thank you for your unique insight. Thank you for your righteous generosity!

Rose, although you have thorns, you are pure in heart, stubborn and personalized. We are so similar, so we have a acquaintance.

I know you. Lian, always call me a girl. I feel so kind every time.

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