If there is an afterlife, I will hold your hand again

If I come to the world, I can only see you in a hurry and meet you once. Just for a moment in hundreds of millions of light years, I would rather turn the moment into eternity, so that everything that should happen can be realized in an instant. I still thank God for his mercy. I pray silently. If there is an afterlife, I will hold your hand and wine  again!

Counting the years, today in that year, we crossed thousands of mountains and rivers and miraculously appeared in front of each other. You gently held my hand. We walked along the happy street together, as if there was no end. We clasped our fingers, regretted that we met too late, and felt sorry for each other!

It's not easy for us to meet each other across the vast sea of people in such a big world. Meeting each other in life is precious. My hand is small and thin. I only wish your big hand can bring me warmth. Hold your hands tightly and follow you everywhere.

I always believe that when you live in the world, you should at least forget yourself for someone and go crazy for a certain relationship. You don't ask for results, companionship, or love. You just want to meet you in my most beautiful years.

Later, I found that after meeting you, I was unable to let go of your hand, and I could not leave you freely. I found that love is not so easy to give up. Your deep eyes deeply touched my heart, and I could not escape. I found that I deeply attached to you. You are deeply rooted in my world, and I can't extricate myself. I admit that I can't leave you.

It suddenly rained in the gray sky. I saw the falling of raindrops through the window, just like the tears I shed into the dust when I miss you. Through the thin clouds, scattered hopes are piled up one after another, and the breeze brings me strong yearning, which gives some comfort to my exhausted soul.

I think I can bear the fatigue, can hold back the sad tears that are full of my eyes, I laugh bravely and strongly, and then cry cowardly and humbly. I indulge myself recklessly, just for a distant dream. I often deceive myself that you will come back, maybe in the next second, or you will smile and hold my hand again, so that I can be gentle. Tell me you won't leave me any more, and you will always accompany me. Maybe in this way, my heart won't hurt, my tears won't flow anymore, and I still dream.

If you can feel my hardship and loneliness from afar, or if you are still powerless, I still haven't forgotten our vows and commitments. I remember you said that you would come to me and we would meet again. I still believe, believe in our common agreement.

My persistence and my waiting are still in the original direction in the regretless time. I don't know how long I need to wait? I don't know how long I can really last? It's really painful to miss someone. I don't know if my expectations will really come to fruition. Maybe I know deeply that we won't come to fruition. I just want to prove that you really exist in my heart and I really love you.

Time is in a hurry, carrying me from deep winter to midsummer. When I put down my tiredness, when I have no power to think about the love between you and me, your shadow spreads from the deepest part of my heart into my blood, stimulating every nerve of mine. In this way, the heart of missing spreads and entangles uncontrollably. I know, I can't forget, I know, I don't have myself.

In the bottom of my heart and underwear, you are a grass that I buried in my heart. It grows so crazy all the time. You have always hindered my heart. You have occupied all the memories of you in my life. I am deeply looking forward to meeting you and coming to my side. So to this day, I am still waiting for you, waiting for you to hold my hand and warm my heart.

In my life, I always feel that meeting you is the happiest and luckiest thing. You are the only and special one. My heart is warm and soft.

You and I are at both ends of the world. I stubbornly stick to our love. My night alone is lonely. Once sweet scenes are replayed one after another. In the dark night, I grieve alone. My heart hurts. I have nowhere to say my sadness. I am helpless if I let cold tears wet my face!

Your smile is still so gentle. Thinking about your appearance, I can't sleep peacefully all the time. Your face is getting clearer and clearer. I want to touch your face and think about how good we are together. Even in the face of difficulties and tribulations, I feel steady and sweet. Just, where are you? I know, we are far away. We are separated by a very close distance, and we can never get close.

Far away from the sky and makeup, I put my deep attachment on your hand, looked at the direction you were in, felt the happiness of holding hands, clasped my fingers, clasped your promise to us from time to time, and cherished each other heart to heart, creating your infatuated love for me, endless thoughts in this life, persistence in this life. If there is an afterlife, I will hold your hand again!

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