if we break up, you will always be in the deepest part of my heart

I don't know whether our meeting was accidental or arranged by God, but your first impression of me is that you are cheerful and lively, and I also regard you as a friend. I never thought we could be friends except because I am two years older than you.

But God likes to play tricks on people. Why on earth do you like me. Why do you still find me unwilling to give up when I refuse you for the first time. But I really didn't feel for you at the beginning, because you are two years younger than me, and I don't want to talk about brotherhood. Because it's hard,

But you are really different. You have let me know that there are still people who love me in this month and I have regained my self-esteem. You brought me into the world of love. I am really happy, so I began to slowly understand and accept you. But you are always containing me, knowing that my heart is better than yours. So after we fell in love, I really wanted to be with you every day. If I could love you for 10000 years, I would really love you for 10000 years. Sometimes I suddenly want to listen to this song and change the ring tone to "Love You 10000 Years" because I think it's too romantic, and you suddenly change the ring tone to the same as me and sing it in Cantonese for me. At that time, we were really happy. Of course, you know, maybe your singing attracted my attention! I want to laugh when I think about it, because I am really happy in the past two months, because we love each other very much. Although you love more than I do, I think I will love you more in the future, and I will change for you. Because we all love each other!

However, we still have an age gap after all. Even if we love each other for 10000 years, we will not fail to pass the relationship between our parents. Because in their eyes, sister brother love is not allowed. In your parents' eyes, I'm two years older than you. I'm too mature for you. In my parents' opinion, you are two years younger than me, which is too childish for me. When you came home because of your sister's marriage, you said that you were afraid to tell them about it. I felt a little sad. Because you don't know? You are afraid. What should I do, a coward? After you told your family, I actually expected that they would definitely oppose it, but it was not as strong as I thought. But you hesitated at this time. What do you mean when we resist? If we can't resist, we will be our best friends. But you said to me that you would definitely persuade your family before, didn't you? Do you still say you can't resist it? Why is it different from before. I know that you have retreated. Of course, I think I might say that when I was you, because this is really not easy to do. Any situation like this that has happened to you for ten thousand years is a floating cloud. What should I do? What should I do? We call you the most three words, but do I know? Do I know what to do? I am also very sad! But why have you changed a little since you said you strongly objected to your family? I sent a message and you didn't reply. I sent a message and said I really wanted to be with you, and I didn't want to be separated from you, but you just said let's go. When I asked you what you thought, you said that I was busy. Speaking of your words at night reminded me of my former boyfriend, who used to reply to my messages. I'm really afraid. My love has fallen to the lowest valley again. I'm so afraid. I've lost myself. I'm really sad. No matter what choice you make in the future, whether you stick to it or give it up, I won't blame you. Because commitment is a commitment, just a way to comfort the hearts of both parties. It can't be a practical action. So even if we break up, you will always be in the deepest part of my heart, because I really loved you before.

Love you for ten thousand years, love will stand the test. Even if we can't be together in the future, I will really love you for 10000 years, will you?

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