If you let go of love, the blessing will remain

The spring is far away, and the style is long. If you let go of love, the blessing will remain. ——Inscription People say that falling in love with a city is because the people you love live in it. It is self-evident that we love each other and love each other. There will be such a person in everyone's life. Even though his face is covered with dust and his temples are like frost, I want to stay with him until the end of the year. I believe that this picture has been carefully described by countless people, because it is the most beautiful love meeting that people yearn for in their hearts. This romantic "territory" is also a simple life portrayed by the pure feelings of warmth and sincerity. The most ideal love in the world, of course, is two concentric hearts, helping each other throughout life. Passing by, we can only say that our love is deep and our edge is shallow. If you let go, you may feel sad and beautiful. It sounds rather cold, but no one can deny that it is not because of love. What is love? I can only say that it is a feeling of selflessness, a feeling of contentment, which reflects the perfect purity of love. "When you meet a man with white head, you choose a city to grow old." everyone hopes to meet such a worldly relationship and wait for such warmth from now on. But life is not so smooth as you think. Love also has a destiny that is hard to break. Although in the years of love, everyone wants to stay away from the days of suffering, who wants to say goodbye to the heartbreaking understanding of breaking up, and who likes to let the sunshine of love fill the heart. However, sometimes love is so incredible. When some people love each other, they vow to love each other and sing harmoniously, but they can't escape the details of life, leading to the exhaustion of the source of love, and the love ends without a hitch. Some people, even if they are in love with each other, end up with one person to the left and one person to the right. There are also some people who have stumbled all the way, on and off, and been tossed back and forth by the so-called love for several times. They have run through the ups and downs for decades, and even sung all the songs of departure, but still do not change their original minds. Who can say that this is not because of love? No matter what kind of love you meet in this life, and no matter whether you love or be loved, it's a good fate that God is destined to meet each other. To be attracted to a person, the first thing to see is the eye edge. Once love turns each other into a careful tear, and care becomes the fuse of bondage and mutual harm, letting go may be the wisest choice. Love, never match, some just fit. To love a person, we should first make him (her) happy. For a love, it's most important to warm each other's hearts and make each other remember the beauty of the past. It has long been said that love is not taking, not possessing. Love is giving, dedication and fulfillment. I always like the old song "there is a kind of love called letting go". Amu sings with his hoarse voice: there is a kind of love called letting go. For the end of love, if I leave you with everything, let true love take me away and say goodbye This is a heart rending chorus for the listener. Every time I think about it, my heart will always be filled with trembling and moving Generally speaking, everything in the world can be explained clearly. Love alone can't explain. Some love, but I know. There are some behaviors that only one can understand. Maybe some people's love begins with shallow joy and then deep love. Many people have experienced this feeling. Maybe he (she) never tells you how it feels to fall in love with you. I also don't want to tell you that your presence eliminates all his (her) previous confusion about love. Not to mention that you were the only light like existence in the abyss of life. In particular, I don't want you to know that at a certain moment, you are in the city and he (she) is outside the city, just passing by with blessings. A famous person said that he did not understand life without being disappointed. I don't know love until I've been lovelorn. Love is like a performance without actors, no lines, no rehearsal, and the people in love are the protagonists. We know that falling in love is a matter of one person. Love is a matter for two people. Love or not, deep love or shallow love, is their own business. If you don't cherish or let go, it depends on how much you love each other. Sometimes letting go doesn't mean that you don't love, but it is a manifestation of deep love. As the song goes: If you yearn for the sky, yearn for a pair of wings, let you fly, your wings should not accompany the roses, listen to the fading time. If romance becomes a tie, I would like to choose to return to loneliness for you. If lingering becomes a chain, let go of promises This kind of letting go interwoven with sadness and love is to return the other party's freedom. Help the person you love to do what he or she wants to do. I don't want to lose myself because I love someone. In Ode to joy 2, Qu Xiaoxiao also said that letting go is not to change the original intention of love. Let go and don't bother me anymore. Even if I can't help missing you, I'll keep my feet. Even if you come to his (her) city with blessings, you will pass around the city. Just stand in a distant country and make a deep blessing.

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