If you miss flowers, you will reap rain

Maybe you can realize this truth only after you experience it. For example, we all experience feelings, but there are many unknown things behind them, which make you fall into the puzzle of acacia and memory. If you want to take it off, you can't take it off, just like the vines. Maybe this is the so-called fetter, but how to get out of this low point requires your patience and perseverance. Each of us will experience, more or less, how to get out of the trouble and how to get out of the fetters, which depends on you. Today you are the best, tomorrow may be so mediocre, useless, but this requires your grasp. People are not perfect, as long as you are willing to work hard, there is no failure. There are so many beautiful things in the world, and life doesn't need so much persistence. There is nothing that I really can't bear. To learn to give up, your life will be more beautiful and happy, do not sink into those unnecessary troubles, unable to extricate themselves.

Give up is the witness of your decision and perseverance. Turn around and leave before you cry, leaving a simple figure behind. This is perseverance and style. The ability is to bury yesterday in the bottom of my heart, get out of trouble and hesitation, and leave beautiful memories. Give up, it will be easy to start, bruised love is not necessarily hard to remember. It's not easy to say goodbye, but it's the best memory to have you along the way. To love you is not to be together, but to have each other in your heart is also the most beautiful habitat.

Every feeling is so beautiful, and when you have it, it is so intoxicating and confusing. All the sentimental feelings are not easy to forget. We all have our own feelings and affiliations. We should learn to go out of the spiritual barriers that should not exist. The answers are always difficult to write, but you should think twice before you act. Why bother to pursue? It is better to give up. That is the most beautiful choice. Tidy up your mood and lift up the beautiful hope, and you will be able to go out of the barriers of distress.

Love never has a guarantee. We should face reality and walk out of the valley. The rainbow is right in front of you. How do you accept the beauty of the rainbow? This is your choice. He once loved a girl like that. She was so cute, simple and beautiful. He once held her like a rose. He was so fascinated by her beauty that he couldn't help it. But the reality and the secular world can't let them together. They can only miss each other and think about each other in their hearts, but what can they do? They only chose to give up. Although they could not give up, at least they did not have so many troubles. They had also gone out of the misunderstanding of love and entered into a new life, each of them tasted the happiness and beauty of life.

Let's not sink into the past, everything in the world is so beautiful. As long as you are willing to feel and taste with your heart, you will feel that the flowers in the world are so beautiful and fragrant. Who said that if you like the same thing, you should get it. This is a new mistake. Take him for example? He likes her, and he likes her hysterically, but only like her. He has never been as dirty as others think. He likes her in his heart, but he never does anything out of line. He writes poems for her. Every poem he writes, he feels she is around, and he feels so happy. Because poetry is the most beautiful object to tell your mind, you can soar in the poetic space, and you will feel that the world is so beautiful, just like you and her roaming in the world, it is so beautiful.

Sometimes it is useless to force others to do so. Everyone knows this truth when he speaks well. It's yours, and it's useless to demand it, isn't it? Sometimes, in order to get something, we have to do everything we can to get it. Later, we get nothing, so why not? People are always so weird, it's really hard to understand. There are many ways to solve problems in the world, but it depends on how you choose. Yes, sometimes I really think that what I can't get is the best, but you should think carefully. Is that what you should get? Don't deceive yourself. It's best to wake up, put wisdom on top, and make the wisest choice.

If you like a person, you should make her happy and make her happy, right? Don't try too hard. If you miss flowers, you will reap rain, won't you? Don't chatter for the sake of a little emotion. You should learn to let go and give up. The blue sky and white clouds allow you to soar. Why do you bother yourself? Life is beautiful, and life depends on you. You can paddle, and you can survive the waves. Why do you want to learn to give up, and you will walk into a more beautiful flower rain.

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