I'll come. I'll leave

July 4th, I'm coming! He came to Lotus No. 1 middle school with passion and longing.

I'm new here. I'm strange, but I'm familiar with it. What is strange is that the change of the environment makes me feel uncomfortable; What I am familiar with is: stepping into the campus of junior high school makes me feel like returning to junior high school life. I came, like a silent; Like Xu Zhimo's poem: quietly I'm coming!

However, time does not wait for people, it will always pass! Come, experience something, gain something that you didn't have before, or lose something you own! It's time to leave!

July 13th is the day when we should leave after ten days of three trips to the countryside. Leaving is a sad word, but it is also something we must experience in our life!

In these ten days, we have become familiar with the students from strangers to acquaintances, from acquaintances to acquaintances; After getting familiar with us, it's also the day we should separate!

During this period, we sometimes have classes together, sometimes play ball together, and engage in activities together... The happiness can not be erased. It will always be hidden in the heart, and may be tasted inadvertently! Happy always, goodbye, maybe meet again!

Hug goodbye and say goodbye with a smile. All kinds of experiences are hard to erase and can be clearly seen; Because I met you, leaving footprints, let us meet more beautiful!

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