I'll take you home

On July 13, it was our day to go home. The car took us home and took us away from the lotus middle school where we had lived for ten days and the lovely students who had been together for ten days. The ten days of "three trips to the countryside" has come to an end, but the experience of these ten days is enough to benefit me for life.

What I will never forget is the busy figure of my teammates. They are busy preparing lessons, planning activities, training students, attending the second class, preparing meals for all the team members and sharing life with the students... In the classroom, there is a shadow of them doing their best in class; On the playground, they led the students to experience the sweaty posture of the second class; In the office, they burn the midnight oil and do their best for the activities. In the dining room, they work hard and diligently to select and fry vegetables

What I will never forget is the lovely smiling faces of the students. When I first met them, the strange and friendly teachers filled my heart with unspeakable excitement and responsibility; At the second meeting, I was deeply affected by the bright and shy smiles. I narrowed the heart to heart distance with them in the game... When we meet again, we don't say goodbye, but just remember those short and beautiful memories deeply

Three trips to the countryside, let me understand that as long as you pay hard, you can harvest happily. The road ahead is still long, but I firmly believe that I can bravely challenge. Thank you for going to the countryside three times, so that my life is no longer uncertain and I have the courage to learn to grow.

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