I'm a dance teacher too

I'm a dance teacher  too

November 12 is the exhibition of our class atmosphere. A month before that, we were preparing. During the preparation period, I also became a real dance teacher.
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There are three programs in our class. The first program is the dance tap dance performed by 10 female students led by me; the second program is jazz dance performed by female students in our class; the last program is ballet performed by the whole class, little swan.
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I'm the host of this show, but it's not important. It's important for me to rehearse the dance well. I first selected 17 of 23 female students for rehearsal. Except for a few students, the other 14 students did not dance at all. In the face of so many students who don't have the basis of dance, I am not afraid. As long as I teach people who have dance foundation, I will have help.
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I first made them line up in three rows from low to high, and then I taught them dance moves. I hummed and taught them how to move. "First cover your face with a fan, then open the hand holding the fan to the left and show your face. Then cover your face with a fan, and open the hand with the fan to the right... " I explained the movements carefully for the students, explaining and doing them at the same time. "Well, the fan is facing up, and the hanging cloth covers the forehead, but not the eyes. OK, now lift your feet. Don't lift them too high. The above is the prelude part of the action, you follow me to complete a few times "Good!" After that, I have to respond. "One two three four five six seven eight..." Everybody follow me to the beat and do the action. After practicing five or six times, I asked the students, "do you remember the prelude? Please raise your hand if you remember. "Only seven or eight hands were raised. "OK, let's practice in groups now. See this situation, I have an idea, let them practice in groups, let the students will not teach the students.
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Because there were too many people, I had to screen, and only 10 students were left to dance with me. After more than a week, I finished teaching the whole dance, and the students' movements were almost remembered, so I began to choose people. After three classes of screening, I determined that these 10 places should be given to those students. I announced the results to 17 dancers. If you don't choose, don't be discouraged. There is still a chance in junior high school. "
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On the second day of screening, I arranged the formation according to the order on the list, and also arranged the formation of interlude and tail. After another week or so, our dance has been finished. Cheap tap dance clothes, cheap jazz dance clothes, cheap ballet clothes, cheap tap dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes and cheap ballet dance shoes ordered online are also here. These are convenient tap dance clothes, cheap jazz dance clothes, cheap ballet clothes and cheap ballet shoes,cheap Tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes, cheap ballet dancing shoes. I buy them online with the least money. As a result, the three dances of tap, jazz and ballet were performed at the same time, and they were almost arranged.

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The reason why I am in the limelight in this show is that the whole dance was arranged by me alone, and I didn't get much help from the teacher. However, without the cooperation and perseverance of the students, it would not be so smooth. This makes me make a sentence: talent show can not only show ourselves, but also temper our will.
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This class style is very successful, tap dancing, ballet and jazz dance have won the praise of students and learning, these cheap dance clothes and cheap dance shoes are also loved by students, take home collection!

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