I'm getting married. I'm not waiting for you

At this awkward age, when I meet you and the right person, but at the wrong time, I have so much helplessness that I want to use everything to comfort your soul and give you happy yearning. We used to talk about everything, from little things to secrets hidden for many years. We talked with our hearts. Even if we didn't say a word occasionally, we never felt embarrassed. I thought this was the love I wanted. After five years of love. We have endless words, such complementary characters, and all the possibilities of being together. I remember the time I confessed to you. I said that you disagreed maybe because I really didn't deserve you. You said, "I think it's because I don't deserve you, because I've been married.". At that time, I believed it was true, and I thought it was the only obstacle between us. I tried my best to protect you and give you peace of mind. Sometimes I will blame myself for not being able to help you. But, dear, why are we getting farther and farther apart? It seems that I have nothing to say, and the days pass day by day. I can't sleep for a long time with tears in my thoughts of you. Some people say that there is a kind of pain more painful than lovelorn, called secret love. When I miss you, I feel happy and heartache. Thinking of your smile, thinking of your temper, in the world of free fantasy, I love you, maybe it has nothing to do with you.

And today, dear, I'm sorry, I'm getting married. I won't wait for you. I won't update it. I promised to wait for you all the time, but now I have broken my promise. Maybe men's words are so unbelievable. Loving a person does not depend on the length of time. Loving the right person for one day is enough. I'm getting married. From today on, today's bride is my whole life. Don't ask if she is beautiful or not? Since I met you, I've made do with everything else. In this life, if I fail you, how can I fail another girl.

I'm getting married. The bride is not you. The wedding is not what I thought. In my memory, you were wearing a white wedding dress. I took your hand and walked across the long red carpet. In the blessing of family, friends and colleagues, I gently kissed your forehead and moved my lips. Under their witness, I promised you this life.

I'm going to get married. From today on, another woman will accompany me through the rest of the way, long or short. Maybe I will think of you occasionally, in the dead of night, when I first woke up after drinking. Think of the flat things we have experienced together, the things we have said to you and never had time to say, your smile, your temper, your little bird's love, your innocence, our wedding ceremonies in our own memories, our mutual support in the future, the things we want to do but never come and do... And then smile calmly. Put away your happiness and satisfaction and tell yourself that you are doing well.

Dear, I'm going to get married, and I won't update it in the future. For those things that have been reprinted or written by myself, let them stay forever. If you think of them, go and have a look. A man once loved you so much. In the fleeting years, in the memory, in the world I imagined. Every sentence is considered for you, and every word is full of deep feelings. No matter how scum the man you met before, no matter how cheap the man around you is, there is such a person who has chosen to be the enemy of the whole world for you. Maybe he is also incompetent and didn't leave you until the end. Maybe he is also shameless. From the very beginning, he has "extraordinary thoughts" for you and wants to join hands with you to grow old. Maybe he is also the most untrustworthy. He left early without completing his oath, Maybe... Maybe, you never loved him

Dear, I'm getting married. From today on, you should learn to take care of yourself. You are far more beautiful and lovely than you think. I think every normal man will not be willing to hurt you. In the future life, don't miss me. If you don't live well, I will feel it. Be an independent woman and put aside everything in the past. Give yourself a free sky to soar. In the distance, there will be a man who is better than me and better than everyone waiting for you. He is holding flowers in his hand, leaning on the railing alone, and looking into the distance. He will treat you like a treasure, hold it in his hand and hold it in his mouth. Life, how much lost, how much time will give you.

Dear, I'm going to get married. I still have a lot to say to you, and I won't have the chance again. I'll miss it in this life. Sometimes I really hate myself for being too weak and not keeping you with a strong attitude. But what? It's too late. This life is so missed, in the next ten or twenty years, but one day we will forget each other. Bit by bit, I can't remember. It's really sad and regrettable to think about it. DIDU, I have no chance to be with you in this life. How about me in the next life?

Dear, I'm going to get married. I'm sorry I love you. I love the whole once and the whole memory.

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